Southwestern Union Conference Officers Issue Statement on Annual Council

For sure…and all the “Legal Eagles” have been involved as many hours, if not more, than “prayers to God”!

If we had a dollar for every time you and I have heard that “we prayed about it” regarding decisions- we would be at least millionaires by now. And, yes…even though we “commoners” pray…it is truly those in Leadership that God really communes with. It goes without saying that God doesn’t speak in quite the same way to us women. Pity. :roll_eyes:


I certainly hope you’re correct, Michael. :wink:

I also wish to thank the SWUC officers for their courage! with regards to Mark Finley, we must stand back a bit and look to see just who it is that ultimately pays his bills. He is NOT going to speak against the ‘powers’, He still needs a paycheck and a platform!


Well, well, I’m am within 20 minutes of the Southwestern Union Conference. I will go down this week and try to get a definite answer to the ordination of Women, if anyone there has the courage to give me an honest answer.


Take a couple of Jesuits with you. They are great on investigating fishy issues. We have a few of them here at Spectrum spying for the Pope, and I hear that they are doing a great job… :roll_eyes: :innocent:

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George –
I know your question was asked 4 days ago, but I believe you MISINTERPRETED
what was being said about “Ministry Team” as being “Ordained Woman Pastors”.

What was REALLY being said was, “Ministry Team of Women” are the SCHOOL
I believe you will find that THESE are your answers by the SWUC President.

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