Speaking Out Against Last Generation Theology

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Copied from the wrong post!!!
Good heavens, that must be your sin for the day.
You had me thinking you were perfect.

(George Tichy) #264

Study classes are very popular nowadays because they are more flexible, allowing people to express their own views in a more pragmatic way and the issues discussed/studied are not loaded with brainwashing materials (just consider the current quarterly…)

I haven’t read the quarterly for a long time. Once in a while I check one when they show up on the shelf at church a couple of weeks ahead of the new trimester. I just check how much loaded they are with quotes from EGW. And I just leave them right there; nothing changed …

(Kevin Paulson) #265

I believe my posts have demonstrated with substantial evidence, none of which you have refuted, that the Bible in both Testaments is the foundation for the theological construct we call Last Generation Theology. Ellen White’s clarity on this subject echoes and further amplifies the clarity of Scripture.

(George Tichy) #266

If I were an expert on LGT I wouldn’t read the book at all. I would already know that the book was “biased from the start,” i.e., it was certainly written to debunk the heresy, so I wouldn’t like the book at all.

I first thought about buying the book, and actually reading it. Then I thought, “Hmmm, why wasting time reading a whole book that I bet is presenting exactly what I always said abut this LGT heresy?” Don’t need to do that. I believe the professors at AU would come up with the right perspective, denouncing the old perfectionism heresy this time being subtly infiltrated in the Church with a fancy, meaningless title.

(reliquum) #267

Yes, I believe you believe that, Kevin.

I also believe you that is not true. Your concept of LGT (and ordination, and…)
has been thoroughly, systematically, logically undermined by most responders here.

Allow me to help you, brother, with a little self awareness. You have succeeded, stunningly well, in displaying that we are to believe you when you say something, simply because you say it.
I suspect had you had been born 2 millenia previously you would have been demanding all gentiles be circumcised. Paul could tell you to cease and desist, but you would keep thrusting Abraham into the conversation, and “cutting off” all of the gentiles he invited, one way or the other.

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Tom’s @bigtomwoodcutter comment on the subject is available. I only hope nobody will go ad hominem after Tom this time. He already got enough of it once, in the Lounge… From someone you know very well, though we have no clue who that person is. The guy just hides himself in the bushes, and shows only his hands writing mean things.

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George, have tried to knock on the lounge door-but when I go there, it seems the posts are not displayed latest first. I see only 2 year old dates…any tips? Would hate to have to scroll 5,272 posts to get to the latest!


Several places. Are you like 90% of churchgoers who haven’t read the whole bible?

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I would suggest that you do a more in depth study of glorification.

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Most probably the Muslim community… :wink:


Timo, did you request access from the webmaster?

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Perhaps not to some…but the emphasis on either the “overcoming of sin” or “sin” itself is both perpetuating and obsessive upon “self” and “sin”. A balanced reader will be sure and notice this as a common theme with those of you with an LGT belief system. Can’t be missed.

(George Tichy) #276

I liked the way the SOP was left out of the conversation … by your own request…

(George Tichy) #277

I only wonder where those “not-miserable” people are? Who are they? Why don’t they show up? Why don’t they tell us when they completed the growth in sanctification. Not even Kevin dares to say that. Can you?

It seems that we have one person now trying to reveal himself here, @Aleksandar. But he still didn’t declare if the is already perfect or not. He is insinuating he is perfect, but still reluctantly. We still have to hear a clear declaration from him…


There is and will be persecutuon of Christians, just not the kind most Adventists count as Christians while using 91% of their mission resources to “convert” them.

(Tim Teichman) #279

Oh, so this is the whole perfection thing. Do you know anyone, including yourself, who now resists and commits no sin?

I think it is finally clear, that you think you can somehow live a sinless life through sheer will.

I don’t think it really works like that.

(George Tichy) #280

WOW, Kevin! This was tone of he most delusional post I have ever read. Do you really believe people are going to end up believing those things if you repeat them times enough?

(Tim Teichman) #281

Well, OK, I meant and for clarity I should have written, “There’s never going be a world wide Sunday law or world wide persecution of people who attend religious services on Saturday.”

There has likely always been pockets of persecution of Christians, and Muslims, and every other religeous group by another group asserting power in some sort of holy war. This is not new. It is why the US founding fathers wanted to keep religion out of politics.

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There is a little bar next to the posts’ numbers. Click on that, hold and scroll down. This should do the trick.
Another option is to just read all of them… :innocent: