Speaking Out Against Last Generation Theology

(Elmer Cupino) #345

Perfection of character.

Cannot sin.

Needs no mediator.

ML Andreason the first person to articulate LGT abandoned the concept before his death.


2/4… 50%. Lets see how the rest do.

(Elmer Cupino) #347

You have to tell me where I failed and give me the reasons.


Soon, my friend. Need to let the rest have time to share their knowledge. Wouldn’t be fair to give away the answers.

(Cfowler) #349

It seems that EGW taught this (or wrote about it), although I don’t think she called it LGT

(Elmer Cupino) #350

Like nailing jello to the wall. That is LGT.


There is nothing ambiguous about it at all. If you had a correct understanding instead of a preconceived notion based on hearsay, you would see that. Your reply is precisely why I asked for input on how many view LGT.

What study have you done on LGT and from what sources?

(Elmer Cupino) #352

Since I answered your survey, your turn. Does God have a conscience?

(George Tichy) #353

Now is my turn to say, “You amuse me”… Not the 3rd generation thing, but you being in the SDAC for so many years and not having been protected against this heresy? How did it happen, I wonder?
But hey, this is your choice, hope it will work fine for you.

(Kevin Paulson) #354

“Cannot sin” is misleading, as none of God’s creatures will ever be deprived of free will. But they will be so settled into the truth that they will never again make the choice to transgress the divine law.

M.L. Andreasen was by no means the first Adventist to articulate the contours of Last Generation Theology. Such early Adventist thought leaders as Joseph Bates, Stephen Haskell, D.T. Bordeau, W.W. Prescott, and James White (in addition to Ellen White, of course) also taught this concept in depth, as the late Herbert Douglass has documented in his book Why Jesus Waits.

(Allen Shepherd) #355

George, this seems a bit over the top to me. I’ve read Paulson’s stuff. I don’t see that he wants to control anyone. Disagreeing is fine, but thinking you can delve into the depths of the soul… Hey, wait,you are a psychologist! That’s it! You CAN delve into the soul.

But it just seems a bit much to claim it is for control. He seems benign enough to me.

(George Tichy) #356

Interesting point. Yes, I believe it is possible that she had that dream for the Church that she founded and nurtured for so many years. What could be best, for her, than seeing her Church victorious at the parousia? She certainly wrote many things with this expectation in mind.


God is conscience. He determines right and wrong. That is the prerogative of God. Anything deeper than that you will have to take up with Him.

(George Tichy) #358

Are you serious when you say something like this to @timteichman ? I can’t believe you are…

(Elmer Cupino) #359

You are evading the question. You do have a college degree, right? The question is “Does God have a conscience?” The answer requires a “Yes” of “No.”

(Elmer Cupino) #360

So this LGT perfection is a mirage, a validation of childhood magical thinking.


In this case, if you are asking if the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Godhead, is the determiner of right and wrong, for God, the Father, I would say no. He is the creator and does not need a moral compass. He is the compass. He determines right or wrong. Nothing more to be said on this. If you question if God has another god leading Him, you are on dangerous ground in your beliefs and much worse off that those you deride for believing God can impart His righteousness to the faithful to overcome sin just prior to his 2nd coming.

Are you a Christian or a Greek philosopher?

(Elmer Cupino) #362

And is this the kind of “perfectness” LGT is espousing? Because anything less than this “snake oil.”

(George Tichy) #364

You are almost completely right. Not about the soul, but about the mental mechanisms involved in the process of doing something and getting emotional rewards for that even without perceiving what is happening in the brain.

Are drug addicts aware of how the drug interferes in their mental processes when they are high? NO! Do they feel highly rewarded? Absolutely!

Basically the same mental process with the power & control issue. Nothing new for mental health clinicians. We deal with this all the time.


If God is imparting His perfectness, then yes, I want it. Do you want His perfectness imparted to you or do you prefer your own? Back at you… do you believe God has a conscience?

You seem to underestimate the power of God to free from sinning and give that power to Satan to make us sin.