Speaking Out Against Last Generation Theology

(George Tichy) #428

Hey, let them promote the LGT.
The “consequences” you mention (distress and depression, + anxiety, hopelessness, frustration) are really good for business. I will take care of the victims on the West Coast, Elmer @elmer_cupino will take care of the victims on the East Coast.

(Steve Mga) #429

Another word that can be used for "PERFECTION is “COMPLETE”.
Or as the person who wrote Genesis 1 would say – VERY, VERY, VERY [3 times] GOOD!!
Notice – Genesis 1 only says, VERY, VERY [2 times] GOOD. Not perfect!!!

(efcee) #430

I won’t speak against LGT in a wholesale manner as I don’t believe that every aspect of it misses the mark. However:

The language that is used by some of LGT’s most ardent proponents often indicates a dependence on self to accomplish that which is only accomplished through the grace and merits of Christ. Even Ellen White sometimes uses language (unintentionally, I’ll assume) giving an impression that believers must “through diligent effort” affect their own salvation. Will we continue to use language that makes His yoke to be difficult and heavy? This is language that takes the crown off the head of Jesus and places it on mankind.

Some LGT defenders consistently repeat that the followers of Christ “must” do certain things (to merit their own salvation). This is a detrimental shift away from stating the the followers of Christ “will” do those things due to their intimate abiding with their powerful and victorious savior. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega of our salvation. He has begun a good work in us (sanctification). We should have full confidence that He will be faithful to complete that work.

(Cfowler) #431

Which aspects do you think hit the mark?

(Elmer Cupino) #432

The DSM5 code will be known as “Depressive Disorder, Last Generation Theology Induced.”

Open To All Referrals.


Is 5150 applicable for LGT?

(George Tichy) #434

ICD-10 code A18.44 (to be included in the next revision…)

(George Tichy) #435

What happened to Tony, @historic? After I participated in his survey he just disappeared. Maybe he is busy computing the results from all the people (so far 2??) who answered his questions.

I am asking because he said that after we answered his questions he would reveal to us what LGT is about. He was eager to teach us because we proved that we are ignorant on what the LGT is. So,… let’s learn!!!

(Elmer Cupino) #436

Three possibilities:

  1. He realized LGT’s errors and is in deep bible study,
  2. Busy shepherding his new church preventing emerging dissent.
  3. Unknowingly achieved perfection and was translated (as in rapture).

Pastor Tony @historic has still to give us the core teachings of LGT. Then we can finalize the diagnostic criteria for F18.44 Depressive Disorder, Last Generation Theology Induced.

(George Tichy) #437

I would add one more possibility to your brilliant list:

  1. He is hiding ashamed that he thought he knew much about LGT until he started preparing a lesson to teach us. Only to realize that LGT is really a “fake gospel.” And now…, what does he do?


Your questions remind me of the Pharisees trying to trap Jesus when they questioned Him. Which ever way the answer is, you are ready to mock. Your problem is not with me but with the Bible. Ask God why He put those promises in the Bible that to you seam impossible to fulfill. Ask Him to give you faith so that you can believe what He said. Idolatry is trying to make an image of God according to your tastes and likes rather than comforting to His image. Perhaps your problem is lack of faith in the Word of God. Forget about the scholars and theologians (nothing against them if they are humble and faithful to the Word) but go to God’s word with a child-like simplicity and ask Him to forgive your unbelief, criticism and sarcasm and give you faith.

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Hebrews 11:6

You can mock me and throw some more of your sarcastic questions or simply take the advice. It saddens me that someone as intelligent as you choses to be on the side of skeptics and scoffers (I have been reading your comments for a while). I know that down deep in your heart there may be some room for the still small voice. Don’t let the pride and unbelief block the way for the eternal life Jesus longs to give you.

I wish you God’s blessings!

The same advice is for @timteichman

(George Tichy) #439

Written by @Aleksandar:
1) Your questions remind me of the Pharisees trying to trap Jesus when they questioned Him…
2) Perhaps your problem is lack of faith in the Word of God…
3) You can mock me and throw some more of your sarcastic questions …
4) Don’t let the pride …
5) The same advice is for @timteichman

WOW! All these unrelated responses because I asked one simple question, in essence, “If the LGTarians are right, where are those perfect people that are supposed to be the result of this news ‘gospel’? There must be at least one.”

This is a very simple question (or is it?). I wish that instead of triggering the reply that was given targeting me personally, this question could have been answered without passing any judgment on who is asking it. Such judgmental words have no impact; answering the question may have.

Regarding the comments that I quoted above,

  1. It was not a trap, it was - and still is - a serious question, with serious implications. One that, unfortunately, remains unanswered.
  2. My faith, or myself, is not the subject being discussed here. Any personal opinion on my (or anyone’s) faith is unwarranted and unwelcome.
  3. I mocked nobody, I didn’t throw any “sarcastic” question. It remains being a serious, legit question that remains unanswered.
  4. Another passing of judgment instead of an honest and clear answer to the question being asked.
  5. Just another double down! @timteichman

(Elmer Cupino) #440

This would make an excellent criteria for Depressive Disorder, Last Generation Theology Induced. Those afflicted with DD, LGT are fast to passing judgement on the questioners instead of answering the questions.


(George Tichy) #441

A secondary Dx may well be Avoidance Disorder due to Lack of Common Sense, Severe.

It always amazes me when I see a person dodging a question and reverting the subject onto a personal comment on who is asking it. What could probably be the reason for this other than the awareness of the lack of substance?

(Elmer Cupino) #442

Another alternative is Avoidance Disorder, Last Generation Theology Induced , for the simple reason that LGT requires relinquishing common sense. Common sense is a contraindication to the mental gymnastics necessary for understanding LGT.

(Tim Teichman) #443

I think I asked the same quesiton here a couple of times. There was no response.

I realize everyone sees situations differently, but it seems those that have taken a position defending LGT here are the ones throwing personal judgements around, and in this case accusing you and I of being like the Pharisees, which presumably is an attempt at a derogatory comment.

LGT is by most measures a heresy, and I mean that and always have here in the technical sense and not as a dig, as a belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine. In this case SDA doctrine.

It seems strange, taking an apologetic position in this way, as I’m usually questioning doctrine & traditional interpretations of scripture, which I often find lacking.

(Tom Loop) #444

Wow! Where did you find those odd words? You are sending me to the dictionary Allen. I do know that having once tried to believe LGT it seems like in theory the Bible can be quoted in ways that seem doable. How many times I hung my hopes on Phillipians 1:6, Hebrews 7:25, Romans 4:23, Ephesians 4:20, thinking God was going to change my homosexuality. When it didn’t happen LGT was a cause for much depression, frustration, anxiety. I thought I was letting God down.

The toxic thing about LGT is that it drives it believers to become more self centered in fighting against sin in their lives. Self centeredness is driving force in all the sins in our life. It becomes a vicious cycle of striving for perfection. Like chasing a mirage of water in the desert. the only thing you will do is get more thirsty.

I might be able to pick up a colt at birth, with the belief that if I do it everyday as it grows, my muscles and strength will also increase until I can still pick it up when it’s a full grown horse. Well it ain;t going to happen, because at some point the growth of the horse is going to exceed the capacity of my strength. In the same way we can be overcomers, but God’s standard of perfection is so high it exceeds our capacity to ever reach that level this side of His coming. His grace is all sufficient to make up for the deficiency.

(George Tichy) #445

It is also the ONLY thing sufficient to make up for our deficiency.
Imagine a pharma company sending a new drug to the FDA for approval. With no testing, no results, no data, just nothing!
This is the LGTarians’ behavior: they are selling a product with not one case of success to support it. Wait until the victims realize that they were misguided and lied to!

(Peter) #446

Do you know the real definition of “Executive Summary”, Kevin? What document / publication is LGT a summary of? And what “executive(s)” prepared it?

A true executive summary is defined as follows:

“An executive summary is a short document or section of a document that summarizes a longer report in such a way that readers can rapidly become acquainted with the material without having to read it all.”

(reliquum) #448

Is this a vote? I vote for “rapture”! He perfected his LGT status and thus was “taken”.

ps pray he had on his right running shoes