Speaking Out Against Last Generation Theology

(Kim Green) #470

“casting doubt on the shaking”

Do you believe that the author was successful?

“presenting himself as an alternate reliable prophet.”

How did they do this?

(reliquum) #471

or the Soy Devil----with it’s phytoestrogens.
The "testosterone devil “made me do it” (meaning gender no-ordination syndrome, GNOS)

(Kim Green) #474

Well…if the Soy Devil made them do it…they better watch out for those emasculating phytoestrogens! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(reliquum) #476

Precisely why co-ordination must be prevented. Low-T (not to be mistaken for “low-theology”)
is bad enough, but to then have to, in such a state, deal with those bad bad womenses…

(Kim Green) #478

As an older respected Spectrumite said years ago…“The trouble all started when women learned to read…”

:scream: :zipper_mouth_face: :laughing:


Mud? Since I have replied 12 times…so is your response.

(Kim Green) #481

Then I guess we are even. :smile:


Now that is crystal clear.

(Kim Green) #483

I knew that we could come to consensus. :wink:
Have a good day.

(normanrobinson) #484

I dont think he was successful.

He presented a book he had written as an alternative true explanation.

(Kim Green) #485

Thanks for reply.

I think that there is a big difference between saying that the author was presenting themself as a “prophet” as opposed to say that what was written was an “alternative true explanation”.

(normanrobinson) #486

A false prophet would never identify himself as such but for me I do not really like to be politically correct. If a person teaches different from what the bible says that person is a false prophet. Many scholar from various denominations have put forward views that contradict the bible and I dont even call them christians.

(Kim Green) #487

I think that problem lies whenever there is a difference in what we believe that Bible says and what others believe that it says. I don’t like to say that others are not “christians” because they may make it to heaven and we do not. I don’t think that it has anything to do with the “correct” biblical interpretation but rather where the heart is with God. If you are a very conservative SDA (LGT?) I am sure that you may not agree with this but we really don’t know who will be in heaven or not. We all just do our best to serve as Christ did in this world.

(Brad(Luna)) #488

I think one reason Adventists sometimes fall for LGT is due to its historical “toying” with anti Trinitarian ideas, especially the idea that Christ had a fully fallen human nature. This idea seems to ignore the hypostatic union and seems to have some similarities to Arianism(the old idea that Christ was a lesser god/created being in the 4th century).

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