Spectrum Civil Rights Tour Examines History, Facilitates Conversations

On February 4 and 5, the Spectrum Civil Rights Tour II brought friends and supporters of Spectrum together in Alabama at the epicenter of the American civil rights movement. Traveling as a group through the cities of Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma, the tour visited key sites from the struggle against segregation in the 20th century.

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Thank you to all who organized, presented, and chronicled this event. We cannot be healed unless we acknowledge the disease, the infection, the rot.

Especially appreciated is the nod to the point of inception of liberating protest and action–the Christian church. As followers of Jesus, the greatest Liberator in history, for whom freedom is forever sacred, we must remain activist in our ethos, telling and living out the truth in love.

The just Adventist Church is activist against all forms of oppression. In the struggle we move from aspiration to realization through attraction rather than compulsion. This struggle is central to our Adventist being.

No matter how many administrators don’t get it.


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