Spectrum’s Top Stories of 2022

As is an annual tradition here at Spectrum as the end of the year approaches, we have gone back to compile the top stories of 2022. I always find it exciting to pull up the website metrics and see what topics most captured the attention of readers across the world.

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I think we should stop calling it an election for GC President. Plain and simple it is an appointment. When was the last time the candidate put forward by the nominating committee rejected?


As an observer of the process, it is frustrating how most votes feel like a formality. Because there is a lot of politics that goes on, just behind closed doors and out of sight of the members who fund the whole system.


Two comments:
I hope you keep digging on the Kettering story. I knew something was off when I saw the picture of Kettering/Cincinnati Bengals collaboration and hobnobbing.

Also, please note that I am not alarmed or upset by Elder Wilson’s 25 handles to hold fast to. Faith is like that. But I’d respectfully ask him to drop a couple of the times he repeats the need to show respect to the church organization, and add in unwavering adherence to our teachings on the state of the dead and the duty of service to “the least of these” as Jesus taught right after he delineated the Last Days…

Rich Hannon’s and Barry Casey’s columns are my top choices.
… Sigve Tonstad, Michael W. Campbell, Gilbert M. Valentine, Reinder Bruinsma…hmmm… stories about the past that are still newsworthy and remain relevant

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