Spirit of Prophecy Writings Coordinator Position Harms Adventism

Recently, I have been struck by the image of a person confidently speaking to a group while having a blotch of spinach between the front teeth. It is embarrassing for all, and the audience is not sure what to do about it. Meanwhile, the green blob greatly dampens the communication effectiveness of the speaker. Again and again, I get the same feeling when hearing the proposals put forward by the General Conference (GC). We heard about Total Member Involvement. Well, okay, but it was referred to as TMI, revealing an ignorance of how those in the United States define TMI (Too Much Information). We heard about Revival and Reformation in 2010. Then, we watched the willful destruction of efforts to revive and reform. Remember the burial of The Recordkeeper? Recall the hurdles put in the way of The One Project? A church founded by a woman mounts a huge campaign to codify hierarchy and male headship.

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Good observation.
This was what I have in my mind too.
This only proves that our church is not founded upon the Bible only, but…!



What does that mean … and what qualifications are required - job description? Whose use of EGW is this person supposed coordinate?

Fortunately that doesn’t apply to my life. Just curious.


The same Holy Spirit who inspired Moses to write the first 5 books of the bible is the same Holy Spirit who inspired the rest of the Old Testament writers. We see what has happened to the Jews because they choose to reject portions of the writings of Daniel and Isaiah about the Messiah.

The same Holy Spirit who inspired the writers of the Old and New Testaments is the same Holy Spirit who inspired Ellen White. Like the Jews of old we reject or minimize all or certain portions of her writings because they are not in accordance with our personal interpretations of certain doctrines or our lifestyles. Unfortunately, for those who do so, God is going to hold them responsible for the negative outcomes.

The leaders of our church are very much aware of the fact that many of professed members and pastors despise the SOP writings or don’t encourage the members to read them. For that reason I believe that the GC created this office. Some churches will fill this position and some won’t. One can only take the horse to the water but cannot make the horse drink it.


I have been saying for decades that the GC is irrelevant and needs to be dissolved. No local church benefits from that administrative monster!

Now it appears that, out of desperation to exert totalCONTROL and MICROMANAGEMENT, the GC wants to penetrate its tentacles directly into every single local church! It sounds to me as “religious rape!”

And it was voted by 66% of delegates? Are those delegates nuts, or just enjoying being involved in a process used by the mafiosi???

As for me, it no longer affects me since I am now definitely DONE with this cult. This is not a Christian Church, this is a sect that has now been hijacked by a group under the leadership of a LGTarian, an EGW fanatic that wants to govern using the Hitlerian model.

Today I watched a short part of the session, only to see people being denied participation and making comments. Freedom of speech castration! And no consequences? Now not only the GC is irrelevant, but the Church at large is becoming irrelevant as well!

I am making an effort to not even comment much on the whole thing, but it’s difficult. This was my former Church. But I will make more effort to “let it go” …


I won’t be affected by that either. But it is obvious that there is a desperate need to micromanage individuals in local churhches. I won’t be surpriused if soon those coordinators (aka KGC agents) will be asked to pass on documents of loyalty to the members, to be signed or else.

The SSP (Silver Springs Police) in action! Using simiular methods as the SS in Germany! And this is supposed to be a CHURCH??? :scream::roll_eyes:


Let me see how you can handle this principle yourself. I will bring you to the water knowing that I won’t be able to make you drink it!

Until you read one, just one book - trhat’s actually a collection of WELL DOCUMENTED facts about the EGW Writings and the early history of the SDAC - you would to better to abstain from throwing accusations on those who disagree with your views on the issue. If you don’t know the facts, don’t embarrass yourself ofending people who are more/better informed than you.

So, here is the water, will YOU drink?


Before you disappear again - any news about Elaine Nelson?

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Oh, you caught me at the last minutes…, I am about to “shut the door”… LOL

Elaine passed away probably 3 years ago. I was able to talk to her on the phone a few times after she disappeared from here. I miss her, after all we were online in blogs together for about 25 years trying to educate people… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: :joy: :rofl: She had a bad case of macular degeneration and it limited her a lot - she was very depressed and frustrated for this reason. She was 94 if I am not mistaken.

This macular degeneration is a tough one. I was diagnosed with it in 2011, and there is no cure/reversal for it. Can be slown down taking lots of vitamins. My case is getting really bad, I no longer can drive at night, am avoiding the freeways, drive only to grocery store, doctors. etc Only very local. And I am only 72… Reading a book is basically impossible, but I am doing a lot of audible. Can use the phone well, and have a bigger monitor for the computer. Using “text to speech” as much as I can. But I am still a faithful heretic! :joy: :rofl:


WOW! it’s 14:30 (PT) and the discussions on the session are really becoming ugly. They are radicalizing on EGW. This will be a major problem down the road.


Christ told His followers that the HS was being left for them, not any one special person! Do you deny the actions of Christ that the HS is available to all? Do you ignore EGW’s own admonition, study your Bibles with the HS and not her writings? Ever hear of progress? Do we stand on past human understanding or continue to have new understanding?


You have to wonder who will be appointed to the role in the local churches. Will it be that person who in Sabbath School always has an EGW quote for any question, and shuts down the whole discussion in fear that if continued, one will be seen to be an EGW denier. Or will it be that person that can contextualize EGW in todays day and age.

And what are they suppose to do, that they are not already doing?

Its now been 15 years outside the SDA church, for me. That has been a breath of fresh air. Being, not doing. Focusing on the real stuff. Living a real life.


This will sooth your nerves. Or drive you to distraction. Not sure which.


I volunteer! Pick me, pick me!

In response to being elect the new Spirit of Prophecy Writings Coordinator of my local church, I will:

  1. Do absolutely nothing.
  2. Refer to #1.


The joke’s on you, Ted.


Yes, she was a nice woman; very smart

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The funniest part of this video is that you have access to it somewhere.


Oh, I just googled for it. Being the father of two Disney-obsessed girls, I know what to search for.

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Elaine Nelson died Nov 25th 2020

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I can’t imagine how it will feel to kids who grow up with this new position in the church–oh actually I can, there was a Mr. B who always stopped me when I was running through the foyer to give me an Ellen quote. And when they put up a Christmas tree? He gave me a quote about idolatry and false holidays–never mentioned that Ellen approved trees in the church no doubt for putting offerings on.

And there was Mrs. J who watched what we brought to the potluck with an eagle eye and sometimes removed chocolate cupcakes and stuck them in the back so no one would be tempted to eat chocolate. She also gave scathing glares to those who brought cheese or eggs to the meal. She had an Ellen quote to back up everything she monitored.

And then there was the man who spent hours talking to my dad about conspiracy theories including the “omega of apostasy” for hours.

And the woman who didn’t want us to dress too flashy, quoting Ellen on clothing and no jewelry–not even wedding bands. But she forgot to tell me that Ellen said every woman should own a red dress.

Oh, the stories they will tell as they walk out the doors never to return like some of my siblings and nearly every Gen X person I went to college with. Few are left to even testify as to how abusive this can become.

Thank you, Carmen, for this article. I hope someone is listening.


I have not posted here in a while because after over 55 yrs as a part of the SDA church I now see it for what it is and what it has always been an extremely cleverly disguised CULT that parades as Christianity. The move to have SOP coordinator is so CULTISH its almost laughable. I could not let it pass. So now they need a position to make sure members have the correct orthodox understanding of EGW. Wilson as a classic authoritarian leader (2 terms was not enough how very authoritarian of him) a SOP coordinator position, fits him so well. It’s almost too perfect. It’s classic CULTISM.