Spirit of Prophecy Writings Coordinator Position Harms Adventism

In my opinion, this is the most ill-conceived proposal that I have ever seen presented at a General Conferences session. It reflects a lack of understanding of what goes on in our individual congregations. It takes power away from the congregation to determine what they need in leadership. It will be a further obstacle to our ministry to other Christians. The message of the First Angel is that God’s message in End Time is the same as proclaimed at the Cross. The Bible, as commonly understood, is the foundation of our faith, or at least it should be.


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I suggest that you check.out the following link about Steve Daily. Ellen G. White® Estate: EGW Psychobiography


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I guess that the GC will make sure that they will train people “properly” so that they may enforce the use of the SOP in each church. There will certainly be some kind of activation of those Kompliance Kommittees, to investugate every member…

Whoever had this idea has a corrupted character.


George, can you remember any specific details?

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I think this is a crucial point about SDA-ism and more particularly about EGW-olatry.

Yes, they both profess to be Christian and say they put Jesus first.

But where do we find Jesus writing one word of his gospels?

So then along comes EGW and instead of following her purported master’s example and committing nothing to writing, we’re told we must believe that Jesus left out thousands of pages of his good news and this self-proclaimed visionary did-and is still doing, if her Estate is to be believed-the great favor of providing all of the world with the uncounted steps and an endless array of guidelines which must be followed in trying to attain salvation.

“But,” we’re asked, “Why would she do all of us ‘in Jesus name’ if she wasn’t really a devout Christian or if her spirit guide wasn’t really on a first name basis with Christ and our creator?

The answer to which question is simple: if she hadn’t hid behind the veil of Christianity in a population that was predominately Christian, she would have been exposed as was The Wizard of Oz as being merely human and her Antichristian habits of judging others, hypocrisy and plagiarism would have left her open to charges of fraudulence, thievery, witchcraft and being in need of an exorcism.

IOW, one reasonably suspects that had EGW been hit on the head and woke up in Iraq her dreams would have been about Mohammed and Allah, if she had been raised in Norway, she’d have dreamt of Valhalla, if her parents were Hindi she would probably have experienced Nirvana while carrying a heavy copy of the Bhagavad Gita around the room and holding her breath, etc., etc., etc…


Harry, it’s all weird. They keep dealing with semantics and grammar, and stupid inconsequential details. Any 3rd grader would resolve those issues for them, easily.
Today they had difficulty voting on a statement that defines the importance of the Bible, the centrality of Scriptures. But then they easily voted on EGW’s writings importance and centrality. All the same, just more of the same. I can’t believe they spend time at a GC session dealing with those issues.

Check the videos, youmay enjoy them… LOL :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I am reducing my comments here now, so I won’t go through more details. I am “shutting the door”… :wink: :wink: Be well!

Just in case you want to take the risk:


The same Holy Spirit who inspired all the bible writers is the same Holy Spirit who inspired Ellen White. Although the Holy Spirit inspires all Christians, He does not give the gift of prophecy to all Christians. Also, the Holy Spirit does not reveal contradictory information on the Bible.

Ellen White said the following about the role of her writings: "Little heed is given to the Bible, and the Lord has given a lesser light to lead men and women to the greater light.— The Review and Herald , Jan. 20, 1903.


If one day you decide to seriously study the literature that is available on this scheme, and you finally acknowledge all the fraudulency that permeates the EGW issue, please remember what I am telling you today: You’ve been duped for good! (As I was too in the past!)


this is how i see this proposal: it’s a suggestion, not an order…i think it’s potentially a great opportunity for more church people to become acquainted with our prophet…

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You didn’t answer my questions, just deflected to more out of context quotes.


Sorry, Sir ! See, for a lifetime I did not need Numbers,or Linden - - I just did my own research on the material presented to me by my Church !

Do you remember her visions (" I was shown" - “was presented to me” - ) on Mrs Bloomers or Dr. Austins dress ?? The one - in the eyes of HER spirit - too short, the other too manlike (For that in her time and place she needs a vision ?) . And, said the angel, America will be humilated into the dust (“The North and the South”) -

And do you wear long sleeved underwear ? No ? - Well, your limbs would be chilled and the blood will be clogging ! Allways cver them as warm as your trunk !

And just study the Sinner - Mary Magdalene - Mary of Bethany narrative : Her version is the one of some Pope around 600 a.C. - - Where was HER Holy Spirit ???


Thank you for this article, Carmen. I’d kind of let the One Project’s demise slip my mind.

If they had to approve this, I really wish they’d call it something else. Ellen White is not the Spirit of Prophecy, nor is anyone else; it’s a gift bestowed by God. (To her credit, I don’t believe she ever called herself that.) But we all know this position isn’t going to be “promoting the importance and right use” of Samuel, Isaiah or Habakkuk, so at least call it what it really is: The EGW Writings Coordinator.

The fact that was the closest vote by far (at 66%-34%) really makes me question the value of GC sessions. If it’s just a rubber stamp for everything the GC leaders want, why waste everyone’s time?


You talk out of cultish ignorance. Is the gift of prophecy limited to only this woman, of only this SDA denomination? Did you know how much her works are out of harmony with the Scripture, and how much she added to the Scripture? Think again.


Her version was from pope Gregory I of c900 A.D.
Correction: 591AD.

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Thank you for your careful reading !! It does not matter, but Gregor I = Gregor the Great , born 540, Pope from 590 - 604 - - -

    • recently, on preparing an Easter sermon, I found another myth, to be found already at very early Christians : The “intoxicating” - narcotic (?) effect of the bitter drink offerd to the Saviour on the very Friday morning (you know, which Jesus refused to drink after tasting it ) : Incredibly bitter, but not at all a relief from pains ! - Just not “drinkable” !: (I have tried it : The tenfold daily dosage of myrrh in capsules - NOTHING !)

This is idolatry. I saw a photo of Pastor Ted Wilson on his account on twitter kneeling along with others around a tower of Gr Con (its a mini tower) stacked next to the pulpit while they were praying, probably taken before they went out and distribute it. Just my reaction seeing it, it looks weird and wrong, it didnt feel good on my tummy. What could they be praying, the fast spreading of the pnevma of Ellen (sop) to Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth, and then what?..Ellen will come? Isn’t it Jesus who who is coming back? In Matt 28:18-20, we have been commanded to go and baptize in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. We are witnesses of the teachings and commands of Jesus Christ. This will probably the most impacting action Pastor Ted Wilson has ever done, the incarnation (maybe not this word, something else) of the sop in the life of the local church. Those who will oppose will now be silenced simply bec the sop coordinators are authorize to regulate. They have been given power. The big leaders are not directly involve in the life of the local ch worldwide, they dont know its struggles, strengths and woes and now they have infiltrated it with sop to bring more division and friction in the body of Christ that He died for. I think this will directly impact Adventist homes as faithfull parents -followers- latres of Ellen will impose, no make up, no coffee, no meat, no tight pants short skirts, no unsabbatical talks on sabbath, no going anywhere else on sabbath specially sports or any fun activity in school, no secular music before sundown, no no no no. People at home will be regulated and put on guiltry trips and possibly shaming when violation occurs. Children’s heart will turn away from Christ from conflicting realities. Mom says make up is not good but God made the flowers and animal in different colors and prints and shape. Pork, coffee wine is bad but cake is ok, etc, stuff like these, the true life of an Adventist outside church building influenced by the sop. Contradictory realities between the teaching of sop and what we know about God through His Word. I hope something good will come out of this, that it will be clearer who are the followers of EGW and who are the followers of Jesus. God is a jealous God, why provoke his anger? All our affection and devotion belongs only to him. He is the culmination of all that we could ever desire. Is it wrong for hearts to cry out “we ONLY want Jesus!” "give us ONLY Jesus! " He is enough for us!! Ayyyyyyy…!!


I think the kids are smarter than that.

They won’t turn away from Christ.

They will-and are-turning away from SDA’s idolatrous infatuation with EGW.

To my mind that can only be a good thing and a real “Step toward Christ”!

(Get it??? :wink:

Or is that plagiarism???

If so, I’m sure EGW’s Estate won’t mind….)



Bruce, sadly I personally know children now young adults who have turned away from Christ ( sure I dont know how God now is working in their hearts, judging only from what I can see and observe) growing up in self righteous homes. 2 struggle with mental health issue.