Spirit of Prophecy Writings Coordinator Position Harms Adventism

Without going into any details, I’m fairly certain I’ve “been there and done that” in situations similar to what you’ve alluded.

Or maybe not.

In any case, when it comes to mental health issues, my only advice is to recommend seeing a professional rather than pouring through EGW’s writings to find her “inspired help” in such cases!!!



Sorry for the mistake, it was 591 AD, he said it in his homily on the three Mary’s.

The opposite is the effect of relying on her voluminous compilations, - greater heed is given to her plagiarised writings than the Bible.


This is what the majority of Adventists do. They just parrot what the Church allows them to learn. They do not research, they do not ask questions, they do not examine un-official literature, they just do NOTHING, absolutely nothing to get acquainted with the facts.

Keeping people in ignorance, unaware of the facts has been the RCC policy for hundreds of years. The AC follows the same pattern, keeping information hidden and hoping the members (or even clergy for this matter) will not become “too curious”… The message is, “Just obey and you will be OK.” Astonishing!!!


It’s not rocket science:
Teach lies to children, tell them untruthful doctrines, hide information from them. Then, when they grow up they find out what happened, how they were deceived and lied to. What would we expect them to do???

I was 30 years old when I finally had access to the (well hidden) facts. It was a horrible experience - painful to say the least - to realize that your beloved Church had duped you for so many years. And I had even spent 4 years in college getting a Theology degree in and Adventist School (beside 12 years of SDA education before that as well).

When I got access to a lot of “new” information, in the early 80’s, I had the SAD’s Secretary in my home one day trying to silenbce me, asking me not to share the information with anybody. That happened when I still lived in Brazil.

Do you need to hear more???


I had tried to be kind, when I suggest from the floor at the GC Session:
"Not only wrong things, but right and good things in life can be idolized. "

Perhaps it needs to be said clearer: For far too many EGW has become a highly venerated idol.

Other Christians (who are sympathetic enough to follow current developments) shake their heads in disbelief: “Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator? What’s next? A wind commissioner? A breathing regulator?” … It is embarrassing when we don’t even hear any more what we are saying…


The writings of EGW are rejected by many because of the ethical problems surrounding them that were buried for decade after decade by the denomination, and that only came out through the work of those that prized honesty. Of course those people, such as Numbers, Rea, Daily, etc., are simply vilified within SDA circles. The ethical problems are still minimized and swept under the rug by her apologists.

They are rejected by many because of the confused and unhealthy theology and eschatology they often represent, that is at odds with a healthy understanding of the gospel from the NT itself. They are also rejected because they are used as a club to end discussion, and to demonize any who dissent from the party line. The Christian church has a poor track record of doing such to people throughout the ages with the Bible. Adventism has added the writings of EGW to its weaponry to do the same.

The problem does not lie largely with those who have left off her writings.



The EGW Estate, an apologist organization, takes Daily to task for not including SDA apologetic sources in his book about EGW.

Yeah…that’s unbiased.



But Bible versions contradict one another. Are you saying that they don’t, or that God hides the errors?

The Bible says that Adam was the son of God and Jesus was the only begotten S/son of God and that other sons of God visited the earth. And suggests that they were the cause of the flood. (And God would tolerate them only 120 years.)


Since I have the experience with “Quotations Index” - it was counted how often there are EGW quotatios in your sermon - the number reported (so in the Seventies) - - and “Kitchen Control” I was told by reliable witnesses - ( in the last years) -"what spices do you make use of ? What ingredients to your porridge ? Let me look !! " - - -

I now am reminded of the “Blockwart” of NAZI times : He was responsible for those homes in his section - about the Hitler portrait in the livingroom, the “Volksempfaenger” ( a cheap radio ) on the one shelv and your books on the other - - and reporting to the GESTAPO - - . (ours was a kind distingushed elder gentleman, others were - well - -


George…I have not seen the videos…why were they attempting to vote on the significance or importance of the Bible? For whom, within the church, is that a question?

Friday night. GC session. Delegates were to hold up their new copy of the Great Controversy, as TW once again knelt before copies of that book. I always thought we were opposed to the veneration of relics. I simply am awe stricken how difficult it is to recognize how inappropriate - plain wrong - this is! (And I am not discussing even, whether it makes sense to distribute millions of copies to people who couldn’t care less).


Read my lips: The distribution of a billion copies will end up being a disaster. We know what this book contains, and thow much plagiarism it carried, besides the attacks on other religions.

A massive distribution like they are plenning will catch the attention of the midia for sure. Then ther e will be an investigation of the book, and it will be discovered the truth about it. Then, … well… the scenario is set fo disaster and demoralization of the “remnant” church.

But, apparfently, TW doesn’t care but rather thinks that the chaos he generated will bring Jesus back. What a cultic mentality!


At that point the book will live up to its name.


The Great Controversy!


I am now trying to look at Adventism as if I were an outsider who never belonged to the group but who knows all I know about the group. It’s weird! How would anyone want to belong to such a toxic Church that carries so much shame with it?

I mean, the lying about EGW “gift” of prophecy, the crooked (unbiblical) beliefs about 1844 and the IJ, the dirty politicking, the support of plagiarism, the discrimination of women, the total disregard for science, the attacks on other Religions, the brutal spiritual arrogance. And now even the SSP (Silver Spring Police) being installed in each local church to enforce the SOP?

How can people live with this? How come I lived with this for so long? The brainwashing was thorough and complete. But, enough is enough!


This is the revelation of the mystery of iniquity from the seat of Adventism.


I thought they already did this in NY, and the books ended up in trash bins outside apartment buildings.


Thankfully, I was spared the task of trying to “unsee” the event you describe as I successfully overcame the temptation to take in any of political machinations or cultic practices of my former denomination!!!

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This isn’t the first time this has happened. Several years ago (I don’t remember where this took place), there was a picture of people kneeling around a tower of one of EGW’s books. I tried to find it, but was unsuccessful. It was probably the last time they sent out a bunch of Great Controversy books.