Spring Meeting Day Two: Tightly Scripted

The second and final day of the 2022 Spring Meeting came and went quietly on Wednesday. Almost all of the actual business was handled on the first day, when the General Conference Executive Committee received audit and financial reports and voted to determine the immediate future of the Ukrainian Union.

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Sounds like the samo-samo, as always for the closing, collection of out of context quotes on ‘shaking’, continued much fear, I hear!!


Thank you, Alex. Your final sentence is priceless.


I had to read the final paragraph twice–about “The Shaking.” To me, it shows (1) nostalgia for the past, the days of the imminent return, (2) confidence on the part of those who ordained the reading that they will be in, as a small remnant secure, and (3) a message meant to instill fear and possibly also submission. Those who ordain the reading of “The Shaking” will also take it upon themselves to orchestrate it. I am almost speechless.


if there was nothing else on the agenda, i think the question of GC president is going to be riveting…i’m slowly forming the view that, while i have appreciated TW’s leadership and will always respect him personally, especially in his devotion to egw - although i wasn’t onboard with his management of the WO question in San Antonio - it probably is time to move forward under new leadership…it doesn’t seem like the Church is in a vulnerable post-covid position that needs tested experience…time has blurred the aftermath from San Antonio and successive AC’s to the point where i think the church, as a whole, can rally around fresh, inspiring leadership right about now…i think it would give us all a boost (i still think TED president, Raafat A. Kamal, would make an excellent GC president)…

This seems to be the secret agenda, to solicit votes for another term, using quotes from LDE (chapter 12, The Shaking) and reinforcing adherence to EGW.


Oh sure, it’s introspection-free theology. If the church grows, it proves the leaders are right. If the church shrinks, the ones leaving are being “shaken by The World,” which proves the leaders are right.

Esmond talked about a broad array of dangers related to digital devices and social media use, tying those factors to a “battle for the mind” that is harming home worship life—especially for young people.

:man_facepalming: After the pandemic started, the only things that kept me even remotely attached to the church were digital devices and social media, including a very fine YouTube series on Revelation by…oh, by Dr. Tonstad. :smiley:

It’s not going away, no matter how much they wish for it. It’s another medium like newsprint and radio, neither inherently evil nor good. Is there garbage out there? Is there ever! Is there worthwhile, uplifting content? There sure is. Either embrace it and use it for good, or stop trying to log into Instagram on a dot-matrix printer.


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