Spring Meeting Opens with Treasurer’s Retirement Plus Proposal for Special GC Session

General Conference Treasurer Juan Prestol-Puesán announced his retirement plans to the Executive Committee at the (Zoomed) Spring Meeting April 13. He will step down at the end of July 2021. Added to the recent announcement by General Conference Secretary G. T. Ng of his retirement, this further change in the three top officers of the church, will keep the Nominating Committee very busy on Wednesday morning when its deliberations are set to begin at 5 a.m. (Eastern time).

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this is big news…there are only 3 people in the GC Executive, and now two plan to retire…i wonder what this means…

is TW also planning to retire…if not, was there a problem between him and Ng and Prestol-Puesan…will TW be influencing who replaces Ng and Prestol-Puesan…will Ng and Prestol-Puesan even be replaced, or will only TW be the GC Executive, moving forward …

I suspect this will be a “sign” that TW should stay on to maintain some stability and continuance.

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