Springwood Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia Voices Concern Over GC Compliance Document


What I imagine is that he has a minion who sits with a Postum scrolling through these posts with nose pinched shut. He protects himself against diversity of thought by spending double the time spent here, chanting a memorized Ellen mantra. The mantra now replaces Bible memory verses and will soon be available at your local ABC.

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Dear Cassie,
you have pointed out correctly the connection between the Headship teaching and the anti-Trinity sentiment that comes with it. It is a cancer in Adventism that is growing strong.

A lot of us are losing sleep over the whole process, but we do not lose heart because Christ wins in the end. We pray that our youth and yound adults, the non-churched looking in, all those who already experienced the tyranny of legalism and are burnt out, would hang onto Christ’s words and promises, and keep ‘running’ until we see Him face to face.

We see only one law - the law of God’s love - as unchanging and uncompromising. Everything else is easily manipulated by humanity’s shortsightedness.

One of Springwood SDA church pastors


As one who is currently unchurched, and has experienced ecclesiastical tyranny, thank you for your faithful words.

Please protect your children and youth from this turmoil, if you can.

That was a silly thing to say. Of course you will. I’m sorry…


My 21-year-old this morning: Why are you wearing black?

Me: I’m grieving.

21-year-old: What are you grieving?

Me: The church on Sunday voted to approve a non-compliance document.

21-year-old: What’s that?

Me: It says that unions, divisions and conferences that ordain women will be punished.

21-year-old: That is SO STUPID!


That made my day! :hugs:

You done good, mama.

I suppose a lot of black is going to be worn now, and I’m so sorry.

I do understand the blow this has been. The fact that I question huge hierarchies in general doesn’t negate the grief that so many of us feel at this dark, ominous turn of events.

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The document that Columbia Union wrote in their Union paper, “Visitor”,
will most likely NOT be seen here in the Southern Union “Southern Tidings”.


It’s going to be my uniform.


I understand.

I wear black a lot.

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I fully agree. This headship heresy is a pernicious and malignant intruder that is hurting the Church a lot. But now it will be more difficult to eradicate it because the GC President is an assumed LGTarian, per his own declaration during the Sunday session.

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