stillnoah "State of Mind" Review

There is a distinct difficulty when it comes to classifying the music of stillnoah. Genre is already somewhat difficult to pin down: the band themselves have tagged the phrase “Pop music? Rock music? Who cares?” across their social media, a question that is immediately answered on first listen – Who cares about genre labels? Not this band. While rock feels like the correct umbrella term, the average listener might find themselves hearing soft rock, college rock, progressive rock, and any number of other modifiers at any given moment, all while not letting go of distinct pop sensibilities. Fans of The Beatles, Radiohead, R.E.M., and maybe even Pink Floyd will all probably feel at home with this record, with the bonus that the production feels current and sonically competitive. And while the musical influences may be clearly on the older side, recent lineup changes have made age an ambiguous element as well, with the band’s membership being visibly inter-generational.

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