I walk alone to reach a distant hill.

The night is calm, so clear, and gently mild;

Grows darker, bleaker, colder even still,

A storm soon spreads with power, strong, and wild.

The mighty winds with force impulsive rage

To drive the trees to shake with strength insane,

Upon a frightful, fearful, nervous stage

Before a sky of cold and teeming rain.

The lightning with a sudden blinding flash

Illuminates the sky with brilliant light

And thunder shatters with a mighty crash

To pierce the silence of this unreal night.

This night most dreadful; but I do not fear.

God’s calming hand and mighty strength are here.

Heber Bouland began attending Cradle Roll Sabbath School in 1932 when he was four years old. He is a retired systems analyst and is now an artist and author of The Last Trolley Stop, a memoir about growing up in Takoma Park during the Great Depression. He currently resides in Columbia, Maryland with his wife, Dolores.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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"This night most dreadful; but I do not fear.
God’s calming hand and mighty strength are here."



Without changing the psychodynamics, the Lord’s Prayer comes in different variations and there is richness in its diversity. What makes this lesson difficult to understand by some of our GC church leaders as they prepare for the GC2020 is clearly astonishing.


Yes… quite a few, wonderful variations. See Lord’s Prayer – various


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