“Suffer the little children …” An Appeal from the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America

…and who’s administration started this brutal practice?


In the early 1950’s, when the train from Copenhagen approached its destination in Hamburg, kids of all ages and sizes ran to the side of the tracks begging for food to be tossed to them. My family was on its way to Hamburg to board a ship to the US. Hamburg was still in rubble from the recent bombings, and the people still struggling to get life back to some normalcy. I had been given chocolate bars from some well-wishers when we had left Malmo. I threw some of the candy out the train window to the kids below. Human nature being what it is, showed its ugly head here. The older kids, stronger and more cunning, had picked up little kids as they approached the tracks. When the goodies landed at their feet, they ditched the kids they were holding, and took off, leaving the little ones alone, crying.

Before we jump on the latest bandwagon, a little fact checking might be in order. Bad guys called “coyotes” use kids at the border to gain access more easily - other peoples kids, that is. Trains filled with young kids are trafficked to the border, since it used to be that adults with children have been allowed into the country, if they promised to show up at the hearings that are supposed to process them. Here’s a shocker, very few ever show up. Complete strangers use the children that they have been given to take across the border to gain access. A couple administrations ago they woke up to that fact, and passed a law that required the kids to be separated from the adults in order to verify the relationships, and to take care of these kids. But this process sure does make another good club to pound at the present administration.

Just in case you all missed the retraction - those pictures of kids in cages that have been plastered all over, are from the last administration.


Another very inconvenient truth. As for the current policy, it was not instituted by the present administration. All the Trump administration is doing, is enforcing laws that are already on the books, something in which the Obama administration was a bit lax.

Another inconvenient truth is that American citizens who are arrested for criminal activities, are always separated from their children. It’s always sad for the kids, but kids don’t belong in jail with adults; and these kids on the border are being well taken care of–at taxpayer expense.

But facts don’t seem to matter to the blind Trump haters, just as they didn’t matter to the “birthers” who hated Obama. I was no fan of his, but he wasn’t treated fairly by many. However, the media is almost beside itself in its hatred of Trump. Objective news reporting is hard to find. And I have customers who get much of their news from MSNBC.


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The US constitution protects US citizens! Illegal, criminals, using innocent children to get into the US are not protected! The law in question was inacted by President Clinton! Why the outrage now? BHO has the same policy! I agree with you though, the law needs to be changed to deport them as a family!


Because selective outrage is the current fad among “progressives.” And they hate Trump so much that they can’t see straight. The facts elude them.

And then you complain vehemently when someone uses this kind language directed to a person who thinks as you do, right?

Why can’t you talk about the ideas without attacking people of other opinions? Talk about the ideas, the options, the principles. Or is talking about people here a sine qua non condition for you to participate in the discussions on this site?

I hope you won’t start the nasty, unacceptable attacks on the LGBT+ again :upside_down_face: … Careful…, @bigtomwoodcutter is still around…, remember?.. :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


You praise the Methodist Church. It is considering putting Jeff Sessions on trial because of this. What is happening is immoral and unethical - regardless of what the parents have done.

Shall we prohibit the singing of this song?:

Give me your tired, your poor
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore
Send these the homeless tempest-tost to me
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Support this inhumane treatment and LGBT people may later be locked up, Dr. Vandermolen! What happened in Germany in the '30s and '40s could happen here.


How sad that there are those who would convince us that what is happening is not real or current!

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I am changing my mind. I now believe in reincarnation!
I am just seeing HITLER reincarnated. This is a fact!!

Secret prisons for babies in America?
Who would ever guess this one?
What’s next? Secret cemeteries for babies? It must be!!!

The GOP Congress fully supports Trump’s barbaric atrocities against CHILDREN!
Will the voters support those corrupt politicians again in November?


He who uses the word “Hitler” first in such a ludicrous manner always loses the argument. As horrible as the situation is, you know full well they aren’t prisons George and time in these facilities is temporary and not even close to concentration camp conditions.

If these families are wishing to claim asylum rather than hide from the law then they can present at a border crossing and they won’t be arrested. They have been playing on moral sensibilities, with only half of the previously released immigrants presenting at court after they have been released.

Mexico is also a signatory to the refugee convention, so why don’t they claim asylum there? Some of the money for “the wall” could be used to help support them there. Its not like the US offers much of a safety net or working conditions for them anyway. Perhaps they are just transitioning to Canada anyway, like Syrian grandmothers walking thousands of miles for safety in Germany, crossing about 10 safe countries along the way.


Good points, Andrew. Unfortunately, emotion is what is driving this narrative, and even when the facts are presented in a rational manner, such as you have done, it holds no weight among those who hate anything associated with Trump. Because this is not really about “the children;” it’s about the visceral hatred of Trump which has consumed the Left ever since he won the election.

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  1. I think that many Germans thought exactly the same thing. Those must have been surprised by the developments. However, there are way too many similarities between what Trump is doing and what Hitler did. Same steps most probably take one to the same destination. Watch out!
  1. Coming through the Port of Entry is not as smooth as you are portraying. Are you saying that they are not separated when they get into the country this way?

  2. I agree, Mexico should keep a good bunch of them. But Mexico cannot afford it because they are saving money to pay for the wall… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Fact is that Trump is destroying basically everything good in America. He is bragging about the economy? Just wait 2 or 3 years, and then we can compare notes again. This individual is taking us toward bankruptcy - though his personal wealth will be multiplied several times.


The comparison with the current trend of immigration policy implementation to Hitler and Nazism may not be far from reality. Our President is citing his immigration policy as a corrective action to “make America great again” . I am disappointed that Trumps political base includes so many SDA’s. White supremacists and those who mock the disabled as Lewandowski has done are living a racist reality that cannot prevail. Hitler and many sympathizers eventually were defeated. It is so sad that in the meantime many will suffer and die. Hitler was a vegetarian, he was successful in authoritarian leadership, he loved animals, he was tough, and very focused, but his life was a dismal failure and tragedy.


America was a penal colony of Britain AND France from the 1600s thru the 1800s. Forget about the criminals crossing the borders of which you obsess. How many of your forefathers were criminals arriving to the shores of America, of which the cosmeticians of American History would fluff it up by calling them, “indentured servants?” Nazis even fled here post WW2. And lived very comfortably until being found.

The only difference between the people seeking asylum from South America and Mexico is the color of their skin and perhaps their language. As a matter of fact you welcome White Cubans before mixed race Cubans. (I’ve personally seen it in action at Review and Herald.)

As for language, you can tolerate Yiddish, Arabic, Polish, German, Dutch and any language from the Eastern Bloc. But dare they speak in Spanish, Urdu, Persian, Aramaic they are not only censored, they are deported. However, the same vitriolic irrational thinking of WHITE PRIVILEGE has been our nemesis throughout the ages.

The issue presented to me is, “Who is your God?” Describe him for me. I want no introduction. All that I observe is seeing White people worshiping White people, and following the commandments that worship White Privilege.

Prove to me you know in fact that those families are criminals crossing over using children… And then prove to me that the Mayflower wasn’t carrying criminal families in its passage to America. And finally, who gives you the privilege to be so damning in your judgment of other peoples? If you say you do. I most definitely agree. You created your own Christ…


I read this message with so much dismay. This is almost verbatum what your POTUS spews out on every American public platform. It strikes me as inordinately strange and scary that someone who purportedly supports the message of Revelation 14:7ff would paint all other human beings who are created in the image of GOD with such a Trumpian-brush. I shudder. I pray. And I thank GOD that Grace abounds all the more under these circumstances. - a thought and a prayer from a South African who sings “WE have this hope …”


The heart-searing sights and sounds from the southern U.S. border have moved me to tears, as they should any genuine follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for this statement from the North American Division leadership. I have been wondering what our people might be doing to address this dramatic and perverse humanitarian crisis. Important as this statement from the NAD is, I pray we will do more than just talk.

The utter distortion of the Word of God by the current Attorney General of the United States relative to this subject, can justly be compared to the abuse of this passage by others at different times who have betrayed the faith of the Bible by supporting tyranny, bigotry, and racial animus. What is strangely forgotten by those who abuse this passage (Rom. 13:1-2) is the fact that it was written by one who himself refused to submit to the authority of civil government on the basis of his Christian faith, and lost his life as a result. As did many of the recipients of this very epistle, as history bears witness.

One news commentator rightly noted a few days ago that the overall Biblical message is one of godly resistance to state-sponsored sin and injustice. Romans 13:1-2 enjoins obedience to the state so long as the state’s decrees and conduct stand in harmony with the Word of God. When they do not, the words of the apostle Peter to the Sanhedrin come pointedly to mind:

“We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).


I am sorry that you are offended and attached me personally! I, like you do not wish to see families separated! My point was, Bill Clinton signed this law and enforced it, George W. Bush enforced it, the 9th Circuit Court upheld the law, Mr. Obama enforced it to a greater extent than Mr. Trump, and just now people are “outraged”! Why now! I believe you eloquently answered this question! FYI, I believe in our creator and worship him daily, and especially on the Sabbath! I also happen to love our country, and wish to keep criminals out! By the way, if you commit a crime here, you will go to jail and be separated from your family! I also support OUR president, voted for him once, support his campaign faithfully, and can’t wait to vote for him again! This does not make me bad or you good for being on the other side, just as it didn’t with BHO either! Lets both pray for the innocent pawn’s in this terrible act in the Great Controversy!

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Words like “vermin” and “infestation”, “rapists”, “animals” uttered by our President when referring to immigrants have no place in our political discourse. When talking about anyone we need to be careful in what we say. “Suffer the little children…” may become the undoing of Mr. Trump.