Survival Tactics for Visionaries

(Steve Mga) #21

Stephen -
Might I suggest using your “Unchurched” time enjoying the services in a
Liturgical Setting, such as an Episcopalian service.
Thinking AND QUESTIONING are required by ALL members there. And
the same for Visitors.

(Tim Teichman) #22

Well of course this was a great sin. You must use the indoctrination handbook each quarter to keep people from asking too many hard questions. It keeps them complacent and happy in their little bubble of Adventist biblical interpenetration. Heaven forbid they should start asking hard questions…

(Tim Teichman) #23

I don’t think that’s a very nice way to talk about Ted. We must honor our leaders.


(Elmer Cupino) #24

Tim, I was just describing how I would propose to understand any person with controlling tendencies the way any mental health professional would do. I wasn’t aware our honorable GC President would or could fit the criteria. Could he have controlling tendencies?

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(Melissa Kristine Walden) #26

Sorry you feel so negatively about the Quarterly studies.someone must have asked you too many Sabbaths, how many times did you study the lesson! A slick Pharisee would let such be focal of how"religous" one is. BAH humbug!
Sweep negative cobwebs out, and think of it from a female Sabbath School teachers perspective…
A daily in depth study with members focus on topics is a WORLD CHURCH promotion of UNITY IN THOUGHT. That’s awesome…
Train yourself to gaze around outside “common” rote thought. Outside the BOX thinking is freedom to be part of something that cant be passed by!!

(Tim Teichman) #27

No need to be sorry. I think emotions have long faded. Now it’s just facts.

I have not kept track of how many times I studied from the quarterly. Probably hundreds of times over decades. Looking back, it was mostly rubbish.

I have a good friend who knows a pastor who used to regularly contribute lessons to the Quarterly. He told my friend that he was always eager when the quarterly came out to find out what he wrote - since the editors would massacre what he wrote to the point he could hardly recognize it - without permission or review by the author. (Typical of Adventists, IMO.) They did this in an effort to make the lesson so white-milk-toast as to not offend anyone, anywhere, but the side effect was that you could read it without learning anything new and without thinking - at all.

How is that unique?

Unity in thought? Somehow that sounds terrible to me. How would that not be terrible? We should all think for ourselves.

I think I agree with you. But that’s the antithesis of what I’ve seen from the Quarterly.


This ‘Quarterly’ will not reinvigorate the spirit of discovery in Present Truth, but instead has the effect of lulling the reader to sleep by having everything laid out so one no longer need think or study.

It’s interesting and unfortunate you word it that way, because having students “no longer need think or study” is actually the intent of the current SS Lesson format.

The change to a daily lesson format happened in 1970. (Before then, it was a weekly list of questions.) Why the change? In their own words, “This new format makes it possible for one who may have as little as two minutes for study to glance over a page of the lesson and grasp the theme and main thought for the day.”

Here’s a PDF of the 1970 quarterly where they announced the change. (It’s on page 4.)

I mean, I get trying to inspire the D- and F students, for lack of a better way to put it. I appreciate the thought. But if someone’s only willing to study two minutes a day…maybe there’s a reason they’re failing.


Didn’t know about the change,was too young to know :slight_smile:

Thank you though for your comments


#27 timteichman
Tim, don’t you think you were a little harsh on Waldendove12
with some of your repartee, particularly in the context of “liemans”
One size, color, menu etc. obviously does NOT suit all, whether that’s
fractions, quadratic equations, calculus in mathematics, or ‘drilling’ the depth of topics
in Scripture.
To write off something as “… mostly rubbish”, perhaps would seem hasty at best and cavalier
and ‘over the top’ as something else.
A challenge: We would love to have a precis/abstract of a motivating SS lesson/discussion/
focus group exercise/panel presentation on a relevant topic from you. Perhaps in the area
of church unity/diversity?

(George Tichy) #31

Adventism developed a culture of intellectual castration along with a very serious and extremely dangerous mentality of crowd control. Just imagine, for example, asking someone to author a SS quarterly, then after 5 years(!!!) publishing something that the author could barely recognize as his (never a hers, right?!). The intellectual manipulation is evident. Brainwashing at its worse. No wonder that in many churches we can now find SS studying issues that are unrelated to the official quarterly!

Now, let’s also remember that his manipulation is done at a denominational level, not a local church level. This is why, in my case, I totally disconnected myself from the denomination, and remained connected only to a local church. This is why I believe that the $ resources should also stay in the local church or Conference.

(George Tichy) #32

Steve, as everyone else who is open minded, you should move to SoCal. Here you would be able to run your class not once a month but every week! I know of several churches that have classes that do not follow the quarterly at all. Skilled teachers can do a much better job.

(George Tichy) #33

Well, Adventists are encouraged not to “think outside the boox”…, you know, the red “boox”… … :wink:

(Tim Teichman) #34

I re-read my post. Not harsh in the least. I don’t see any harshness at all.

I don’t know what you’re referring to. What are liemans observations?

Oh. Well I picked my words carefully with no haste and no intention to be cavalier or something else(?)

Why would you ask me to do that? Why would I sign up for that? I don’t see how it relates to my posts.

(Steve Mga) #35

Tim – didn’t I see a recent Quarterly that was a Re-Print of one in the past?
Recycling it?
Have you noticed that over time they are NO LONGER stating “Written by…”
It is NOW “Principal contributor…”
Which means that OTHER PERSONS [editors] finish writing whatever they want.
with the “Principal contributor” having no say-so on the content.

(Tim Teichman) #36

Yes, I heard about that. Made me and my Sabbath-school class chuckle. One senior member stated something like, “as it it wasn’t bad enough the first time!”

At least they’re honest in that point. Seems it would be better to list the Author and the Editor. This way we can squarely place blame / hold them responsible when they publish nonsense. A contact email that is answered promptly and personally by the authors and editors should also be in place.


timteichmam re.#34
Thanks for your response Tim.
Glad to know we are agreed on, “One size does not fit all.”
And, yes, that is evidenced by the different slants and perspectives taken re. issues and
topics on this site. Seemingly, Old Green Eyes’/Paul Anka’s song, “I Did It My Way” has
a hold on us all.
Also on this theme, I continue to be humbled by the realization that the last thing that
fish discover, is water. Of course, they’ve never come across Robert Burns either.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #38

Graham Maxwell seldom used the Quarterly. He introduced the class with an offering basket saying, if we turn in a good offering we will not be questioned. Then he lead a very stimulating discussion on the topic of the lesson but free of the rote canned lesson. That was long before the present editor.

(Steve Mga) #39

Yes. If the majority of the Class has read over/studied the 7 sections of the week’s
lesson, there is NO NEED to Re-Read the Quarterly. JUST Discuss it.
The Leader of the Week bring in EXTRA MATERIAL that has a bearing on the
topic to enhance discussion and thoughts on the topic.
Perhaps provide material handouts for discussion and thinking.

It has been my experience that Adult S.S. classes require no THINKING. And may
actually INHIBIT Thinking processes.


11/09/18 - #4/4

Re: Survival Tactics for Visionaries

Visionaries eventually learn to give up all hope of survival.

Pity, Cassandra, that no one believed you;
But, then again, you were lost from the start.

In any case, visionaries are the first canaries to succumb in the toxic atmosphere of the hierarchical coal mine.

As long as Adventism clings to its rigid hierarchy, reified doctrines and angry rhetoric, bold dreams will have to find fertile soil Outside the Gate.

For no servant is greater than his Master.