Survival Tactics for Visionaries

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The Visionaries will have to come from the Unions, the Conferences,
the Local church membership.
But you know what happened to Biblical Visioners —
“…subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths
of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped by the edge of the sword, out of weakness
were made strong, became valiant in battle, turned to flight the armies of the aliens.
Women received their dead raised to life again, Others were tortured, Still others had
trials of mockings and scourgings, of chains and imprisonment. They were stoned,
sawn in two, tempted, slain with the sword. Wandered about in sheep and goat skins,
became destitute, afflicted, tormented. Wandered in deserts and mountains, in dens
and caves of the earth.” — Hebrews 11:33-38.

Most of the Evil received by Visionaries came from their OWN People, their OWN
religious believers, their OWN congregations.


11/10/18 - 1/1

Fall on me
With all your light…

(EdZirkwitz) #43

When we realize what things we are effective at and those we are not I believe that will help to maximize our gifts along with the understand that spiritual gifts are not stagnant or unchanging.


That has always been the oxymoron of Adventism. I was taught that one of the reasons for Protestantism was the ability to become educated so one could read and understand Scripture without it being interpreted by a Priest. It would appear that not much has changed. The inherent problem with most educational opportunities is the problem that a person will discover there is a big world outside the established orthodoxy or studies. Considering the enormous investment Adventist make in education, one would think that thinking outside the box would be encouraged instead of discouraged. Adventist history has many examples of what happens to people who dare to think outside the box.

(Steve Mga) #45

Stephen –
Southern is an EXAMPLE where Religion Teachers using the Bible and the Bible ONLY
in their undergraduate classes got in trouble, and were fired. [NOT using the Boox]
ALL except one – Jack Blanco.
In their case – Money Talked!!

(Cfowler) #46

Thinking outside of the box, many times, leads people out of the box…and for very good reasons.

The SDA education system is created to keep people in the box. “Bible” classes are actually EGW/SDA classes. Keeping people separate from the rest of the world, with a big dose of indoctrination as part of the curriculum, is the design of the system.

It doesn’t work as well as it used to. People have access to much more information and aren’t as isolated as they once were, especially in westernized societies.

(George Tichy) #47

Daring to think outside the box is already a great risk in Adventism, But, daring to think outside the (red) “boox” is basically considered apostasy.


I missed the big red flag staring me in the face! I didn’t make the connection. Thinking back to a high school friend who dared at the time to say to me that believing in EGW was not required to be a Christian and I was astounded. Now our beliefs are reversed. Even though EGW was a major influence on guiding a fledgling church, it is rather appalling that she is Adventism’s version of a Catholic Patron Saint. But then again, I used to be like that when I was a member of the church.

(George Tichy) #49

Yes, the red “boox”… Oh boy!

Many years ago I used to preach quite often, and I utilized the “boox” as everyone else from the pulpit. That’s what I learned to do when I was in the school of theology… But then… Walter Rea, Ronald Numbers, and others released information that was devastated. Instead of minimizing the impact of the unveiled info (as many did and still do), I decided to be a Sola Scriptura Christian. It was the right decision despite so much criticism that I got, and still get…


There’s a lot of truth in your comment, Stephen. My mother used to lament that I failed to be stringent in my Adventism, especially since I was sent to SDA schools. I finally told her that it was because they taught me to think. (Middle school Bible class assignments that involved paraphrasing EGW were nearly impossible for me to ever do well on, partly because they were often nonsensical to me.)

(Steve Mga) #51

Stephen –
Yes! Persons do like to take a few quotations and quote Ellen.
But I have yet to see any church community ACTUALLY take BOOKS written by
Ellen and have church wide BOOK Study on one book after another to discuss
what ALL she did write.
All most church communities get are just snippets of what she said just to PROVE
some pet point of someone.

(Faith) #52

Oakwood university church does.

(Melissa Kristine Walden) #53

Somebody got it!!! Creative formalized study guides are comforting to the Boomers…mainly because as a generality, we collectively CONSISTENTLY processed and debated ideas outside the BOX, and the S S lesson provides a unity in SPIRITUAL concepts on worldwide base.
A bit like walking the GRACE TIME in step with foundational truth…wowie! I call that UNITY!! We must practice this unification to prepare for heaven…it brings solidarity to those who struggle with the effects of the WORLD system, from which we are called OUT OF!! Amen Abba


Hello Melissa,
Thank you for your comment.

Unfortunately, to my way of thinking, there are many people too ready to “rubbish” the
SS Lesson Quarterly, without having something more positive to offer.
The quarterlies are not perfect, having been put together through a joint writing effort, but their authors, in almost all cases, are more qualified than their critics.
Furthermore, the material in the SS lessons should not be the ‘be-all & end-all’, but a starting point for studying Scripture, and taken as a guide for discussion of the designated topic.
Of course, if the coverage of the SS lesson material becomes a lecture with only one-way communication, or a catechism approach with a question and answer sequence, then the whole experience may becomes most unsatisfying.
In our SS class a different person leads out each week. We open the Word, listen, pray, laugh, cry, discuss, tell stories, drink, eat etc. as we share our everyday experiences (seated on chairs arranged in a circle) and try to discover through the leading of the Spirit how the topic, through the lens of Scripture, applies to us individually and as a group of Adventist Christians.
Hopefully your SS experience is a positive one also.


How fortunate you are!

(Melissa Kristine Walden) #56

Oh yes indeed a UNIFYING experience… NEVER BORING!
My class is retirees… they have lots to contribute, and there is always thought provoking study and open interactions!! Small classes do best!!

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