Tara VinCross Discusses Her Rejection and Acceptance as a Woman Pastor

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Count Lisa Arosarena among those initially opposed to Tara VinCross's arrival as senior pastor of the Chestnut Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church. "I didn't like the idea, and I didn't want to be here if that was gonna be what was going on," Arosarena said.

June Davis agreed. "When the conference president recommended that we have a woman minister, I think we were all quite stunned."

In this seven-minute round table conversation, members of the Chestnut Hill congregation talk about their experience having Tara VinCross as their pastor, and VinCross shares her experience working within a congregation that was, at first, apprehensive about her being there.

Roundtable video from NAD Adventist on Vimeo.

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(Thomas J Zwemer) #2

finding a fit between a Pastor and the congregation is a very difficult proposition. Short history of Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church. the pastor of 20 years retired Emeritus. A woman pastor was appointed as interim, She served for about a year until the pulpit committee chose a new pastor. She was a gem, and the new pastor was terminated with a six month termination package-- He preached as if he was too good for us red necks. The next male interim was asked to resign after he propositioned a young married member of the choir., The next was a Scot, powerful speaker but he came as King of all, firing, public chastising, demanding funds above his contract. he was dismissed. the present pastor is a young man, a narrative preacher with a touch of the Energing church enthusiasm. He is a breath of fresh air. He even does house calls. even with his Yankee speach, we think we have another 20 Yearer. Tom Z

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I expect for more situations like this the be the way we eventually work through the Women’s Ordination issue. It will not be decided ideologically in broad administrative forums (as many have been attempting but failing to do) but it will be decided within individual congregations where pastors and laypersons are experiencing relationships one with another.

(Phillip Brantley) #4

I foresee that our pitiable male headship theorist friends might feel compelled to respond to this moving testimony by averring that the head elder’s dream that persuaded him to drop his initial hardline opposition to the woman pastor, Tara VinCross, was no doubt a Satanic deception.

(jeremy) #5

i suspect you are completely correct, efcee…god is looking for a heart relationship with his people, and women, with their intuitive gifts, have a huge potential to contribute to that…

what a remarkable dream that led that elder to see things differently…

(Allen Shepherd) #6

Ah, relying on dreams! Such a wonderful way to make a decision. I suppose they allow direct access into the subconscious… or the Mind of God?

I have heard too many bad horrible decisions based on them to give much credence. But of course if they concur with WO, well, THE VOICE OF GOD, fer sure…

(Carolyn Parsons) #7

Two words: Ellen White

(Steve Mga) #8

Someday Women are going to ask — I would like to become General Conference President, WHY cant I be put on the Ballot?
Are the Men of the Church going to say, YES, your Name is right here?

(jeremy) #9

allen, don’t be so cynical…there are plenty of examples in the bible of god using dreams to communicate to people, including in the cases of abraham, jacob, joseph, the baker, nebuchadnezzar, the three wise men, and joseph - to name a few off the top of my head…joel 2:28 says older men will dream dreams, so get used to it…

(George Tichy) #10

The SDA way of choice, isn’t it?

(George Tichy) #11

Next opening will be in 2020. For 2015 it will certainly be a male, from La Sierra University Church! Everything is being very well orchestrated…

After that it must be a female, either Sandra Roberts, Chris Oberg, or other among some very good names.

(Carrol Grady`) #12

I have known Tara since she was an academy student working with Youth Challenge here in the WA conference, and she is indeed a sweet and God-blessed young woman! I know personally several others who are of the same caliber. God has called them to be His messengers, and who can deny it. If she was able to come into a church with infighting and bring them to a place of working together with God, who can deny that she should be a pastor?

(Elmer Cupino) #13

You come across as disappointed. Can’t you give credit to a success story?

It may have started with a dream, but the final outcome is what matters most. Maybe a transfer to the Pennsylvania Conference will do you some good?

(Steve Mga) #14

When we think about it, all the components were available when the pyramids were built for the light bulb, radio, TV, computers, space travel. They just didnt “think – dream” about it.
“Dreams” are important if one is to build a life of meaning, to be able to end one’s life with few regrets.

(Peter) #15

“Your old men shall dream dreams…” Acts 2. Don’t you believe the Bible, Allen? Or only when it agrees with your previously held opinions? I’m sure you have an “explanation”, though.

(Shining) #16

Bible example of dreams and night visions

Job Job 4:13
Abimelech Gen 20:3
Jacob Gen 31:10
Joseph Gen 37:5
butler n baker Gen"40:5
Pharaoh Gen 41:1
God will speak thru visions and dreams Num 12:6
Solomon 1 Kings 3:6

Job 33:14-15 14 For God may speak in one way, or in another, Yet man does not perceive it. 15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, When deep sleep falls upon men, While slumbering on their beds

Nebbuchanezzer Dan 2:3
Daniel Dan 7:1
Last Day sons and daughters Joel 2:28
Joseph husband of Mary Matt 1:20
Wise Men Matt 2:12
wife of Pilate Matt 27:19
Peter Acts 10:10
Paul Acts 16:9

If you add day visions the list becomes longer.
Abraham, Samuel, Nathan the prophet, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Obadiah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zaccarias, and Ananias.

(George Tichy) #17

I bet Allen @ajshep has not read any book that may in any way be related to any dreams, visions, or nightmares… :slight_smile:

(Allen Shepherd) #18

I recall something about Zombies, but it may have been a nightmare…

(Shining) #19

Let us hope that person (ahem) will have 2020 vision.