Ted N. C. Wilson Reelected to Third Term as GC President

We really need term limits on all the officers–two terms of 5 years is more than enough. Then, they can go back to being pastors and find out what’s been happening at the local level while they were gone. The idea that one leaves pastoral ministry at a very young age (made-30’s let’s say as in TW’s case or close to it) and works 35 years in pure administration is antithetical to the pastoral identity of being in a “congregation.”


Traditional started out as walking for getting around, then to animal transport, then to chariots, then to horse and buggy, then to autos, then to airplanes, then to rocket ships…notice a pattern, progress, not stagnant cling to what once was.

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My brother, I hear you well about the issue of the retirement age. But when we look in the Bible, we realize that Moses was appointed by God to lead for 40years. Then He appointed Joshua to lead for 30years. Remember that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. So he can use one human being for many years regardless of what other humans think.

So if pastor Wilson serves for 15yrs as GC President, its only half of what Joshua did. It’s really nothing in the big scheme of things. These are my thoughts.

I really want to thank the Lord God Almighty for coming through for His church last night. I am so happy about the re-election of pastor Ted Wilson as it guarantees is that for the next 3 years the church will remain on the upward path to heaven. Pastor Wilson has demonstrated over the years that he loves to follow the Bible and the spirit of prophecy even in this 21st century. And that’s what Adventism needs.

Once again, Praise be to God!


I agree. Where is the wisdom to do all possible to comfort and respect the church members who did not want him to be president. This just continues the entrenchment of “our side versus their side” Adventist culture.

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His does appear to be fit. I don’t know if he lifts regularly or adheres to a vigourous exercise regimen. He usually appears in public suited up so it’s hard to judge his physique - although 72 is not too old for muscle building and maintaining exercise. It would be nice if they’d hold a sort of NFL-combine" style session for GC executive candidates, so we could get the bench press, squat and deadlift numbers, along with his 40m dash time and the one mile speed; maybe also a US-presidential candidate-style releasing of medical reports so the voters can judge the state of their health.

You are aware that you are comparing a divine theocracy, where God speaks audibly to His leaders, to the modern Laodicean Church, right?

Would you suggest Elder Wilson get himself an Urim and Thummim?

It seems a tortured stretch to suggest we use the ages of Patriarchs and Prophets as a guideline to age policies today.


Respectfully Phillip, you’re support for Elder Wilson is based upon him being reasonably healthy and not a total moron. Pretty low bar to lead a worldwide denomination.

I would rather that the nominating committee ask what has been the result of his administration from Christ-like perspective? Has he led with love and forgiveness or something else?

My sense of Elder Wilson is that he has focused on the law over grace. That he has looked to put his stamp to remove what he and his ilk view as heresy versus love. That he tells teachers if they don’t teach or believe the way he does, they should resign. That he tried to get University teachers to sign documents restricting what their beliefs. That he has suggested that if Unions, Conferences and other institutional bodies are not in conformity that the GC should dissolve them and take them over, something that has implications for local church leadership.

I find that he creates dissention rather than promotes healing. That unity is used as a club instead of as an embrace.

In short, I do not support his tenure as GC President and on a regular basis question if I should remain as a member of the denomination, not because I’m not a Seventh-day Adventist but because I differ with how the denomination is being administered and it’s legalistic direction.


Respectfully Marko. No man can guarantee an upward path to heaven. And, no group like a church are on that path either. It is soley between the individual and God as to the direction their soul will take.


I have a couple thoughts, might be two posts.

I do not support Elder Wilson as GC President. I have found him to be devisive and focused on using his power to support his positions. I expect that to continue and perhaps grow as he looks to stamp out the continuing push for women’s ordination and other issues (will be in 2nd post).

The process that was described is classic boardroom Adventism. The “leadership group” (nominating committee) comes before the larger body and says “we’ve prayerfully discussed several names and now have a recommendation”. Now you have 3 minutes to vote. There is no chance to discuss, no opportunity to air different views. All you get to do is vote. Btw, we make sure that the room doing the voting is stacked with the people that support our position. And we do it at 9pm after a full day when few people are paying attention.

Classic Adventism.


Your comparison is nothing but outrageous. Moses and Joshua were not chosen by a nominating committee and just installed by a crowd of delegates. Besides, there was not politicking at that time. Careful with naivete, it’s dangerous and may have “dangerous consequences” … :wink:

Are you really serious in your comment? I am still willing to give you the benefit if the doubt…


Well, maybe they never considered other names! Maybe they just had nice conversations, luch, dinner, letting time to elapse until a moment when the delegates would be extremely tired and vulnerable. Soviet tactics being utilized by the “remnant” church.
Those people must be kidding us. Do they really believe that intelligent people would not see the maneuvering in progress right away??? How much offensive can this become?


@Marko’s comparison is nothing but baffling.
What is wrong with some of those Christians? Can’t they see the absurdity of this so called “ellection” and how it has been maneuvered for ages? And they are OK with that?



2nd post:

The next decade will be difficult for Adventism as it is for other faiths. Demographics are showing that both worldwide, but particularly in the US that people are turning away from organized faith in ever increasing numbers. That started two generations ago with Catholic and mainline Protestant churches, while Evangelical and to a lesser degree Pentecostal churches had growth. Now those are in the early stages of what happened to other denominations starting about 30 years ago.

SDA’s have been supported by growth in South America and Africa while the Western territories have been stagnant. This continues to create a powershift where funds flow from West to less developed territories (although increasingly begrudgingly), and power by numbers become exercised in the other divisions. There will be a backlash from that.

Additionally, as the church becomes more aligned with world politics we continue to see divisions based upon those political alignment. Conservative politics = conservative theology and vice versa.

As we have watch the Methodists just split a couple months ago on LGBTQ issues, which is one that SDA’s have yet to face. We can expect similar pressure on women’s ordination, LGTBQ, age of the earth and other science related questions, along with deep divisions in our educational system. At the same time, our SDA’s schools close as families question the value of what is being offered.

If you had a lie detector and asked our congregations how many had sex outside of marriage, or drank alcohol regularly, or eat pork or shrimp; how many would be required to speak in the affirmative - while at the same admonishing young people to be on the straight path? The young recognize the hypocricy.
In North America, 80% of young people quit going to church as soon as their parents don’t require them to.

In my view, unless we are willing to address these issues in a loving manner, recognizing that people of good will and faith will have different perspectives on this - which does not make those people evil, just different; I believe that our denomination will continue to “hollow out”, we may have membership gains we can trumpet, but we will become a less spiritual organization and a more hierarchical one.

I don’t believe that Elder Wilson is the best person to steer the church during these changing times. But, that’s because my theology and Elder Wilson’s differ.


South America, Africa…

I already suggested that the GC should be moved to Africa. Actually there is a place that may be very approprite, it’s the Bunda District, in Tanzania! …

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Well, we know we’re right and everyone else is wrong. But some of us are more right than others. :slight_smile:


What SDAism needs in Love your neighbor as yourself, you know, sorta like Christ demonstrated throughout His brief life on earth.


The church is on an upward path to heaven? I have never heard that phrase before. What does it mean? And, how do we know heaven is somewhere up?


So, we will be on this planet for a number of additional years…because there is no way that the legalism of this man is going to finish the work. We were finally hopeful that we were going to get a spiritual leader, and what we ended up with is the same old politician. I know I shouldn’t say this, but “I wonder if the vote was rigged”. That’s a joke…because you have to laugh or you’ll cry.

I hear all of you heading for the door, but I am staying. Somebody has got to stand up and say that this legalism and rule keeping is not going to get us anywhere, even if only a minority is listening.


I’m familiar with that area, have you been there?