Ted Wilson Meets With Church Leaders in Germany, Discusses Ordination In Depth

I was told a woman might have taken the picture
This guy posing with his “catch” reminds me of what really is going on with Brother Wilson on this issue of ordaining women


The Ted Wilson meets with church leaders in Germany is Ted ‘The American Adventist GC Soul Broker’ in his dangerous realm of emotional red meat meeting behind close doors “How Dare Leaders in the EUD” defiant the Teddy’s good judgment of the American San Antonio Soul brokers the ‘Buy To Go Down’ markets on WO. To Ted, WO is numbered, with little glimmers of hope the Spiritual Values of WO they should go up. One thing is abundantly clear Leaders in the EUD continue after Ted Wilson tirade, after Ted left for America, threw their arms high in the air busted full belly laughs of ZERO OBEISANCE at TW ‘s emotional release.


Perhaps someone should tell TW about Skype or Facetime. :wink:

Thank you Andreas. Greatly appreciated.

Very good what TW said according to the text presented here. And the photo is ok : Since women wre not ordained in the past, the presidents of the conferences and unions only could be men.

I assume that what the faculty of Friedensau published is also signed by Gabriela Gelbrich, a top thologian, high class scholar and inspiring teacher as a member of the faculty.

And see - that ist the problem we forget. What does WO mean ? That a woman presents good scholarship and good teaching ? That another woman - or many othe women - serves in the local church on the pulpit, in personal ministry, in teaching the kids and preparing candidates for baptism or marriage, in doing devaout ministry to save marriages or in ones last days - and then has to wait for the real holy HE - man to baptize, to conduct the communion service, to celebrate the church wedding, to deliver the message of hope at the funeral ?

Just be aware : It is like in a nuns convention : The “Mother” keeps her “Sisters”, guides them, cares for them, nourishes them, guides - and for mass, confession and the anchorpoints of human life she - - has to call for a male clergy.

By the way : Last weekend - in Germany - I overheard a remark of TW about his evaluation - not written down in the reports : “They are secular” ( - i.e. the bretheren he had met for such an indepth exchange of opinions - in full mutual understanding and harmony ((?))). Some Geman fellow beleivers meant this being very judgemental in a certain direction - that annoyed them. - - Correct me if I have not heard right.


Adventist Potemkin Village?


And to think , there would not be even ONE man standing , or able to stand, were it not for a woman.