Ted Wilson's Overreach

(George Tichy) #69

A move like that by the KGC Kompliance Komrades would be to ask for a legal battle. I don’t believe the KGC would ever win that one in the Courts. But, since they have all the money they want to trash as they please, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to waste it anyway. After all, they don’t have to work to get all that money, others do!!! So…, why not, eh???

(George Tichy) #70

This is a great question! Comparing Spectrum and the Adventist Press, and saying that the former is not factual, or that it is not fair, is indeed nonsensical.

(Elmer Cupino) #71

How can the GC fire someone who is nonexistent? Impossible! If they did, that would be an admission of delusions of grandeur. Have you checked the SDA Annual book recently?

(jeremy) #72

this is a really good point…what a mess, :roll_eyes:

(Elmer Cupino) #73

Jeremy, time to vote for George @GeorgeTichy this GC2020 for GC President. LOL!!!

(George Tichy) #74

LOL!!! :rofl:
Best question of the year! Nobody can do better than this!

(reliquum) #75

Ah, but she does exist-if only as a cocklebur under the saddle blanket of our erstwhile leader, all high up on his horse. Might buck him off, though, iffen he can’t get it out without uncinching his saddle.

(Elmer Cupino) #76

I bet there exists not only SR but others who keep our fearless leader up at night concocting ways how to keep the believers uncontaminated and ready for the second coming of Christ.

(Shining) #77

TED Audrey Andersson?

(Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:13) #78

Audrey Andersson, TED Executive Secretary?

(Website Editor) #79