Ten Stories that Caught Facebook's Attention in 2014

These are the top ten stories of 2014, ranked by views, likes, comments and shares on the Spectrum Facebook page this year.

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that’s really great that the egw story was so big…personally, i don’t think anything is going to happen in the church that’s worth much until more of us wake up to the incredible treasure we have in her writings…

Adventism had four opportunities to become A serious addition to the Christian community

  1. A. G. Daniels. 1919 Bible Conference
  2. answers to Questions on Doctrine
  3. Des Ford
  4. elder Paulsen as president

Now the clock has turned back to the Kellogg/Canwright era. Pre 1888 .

Now the pride is just getting the name in the Press. Tom Z


The news item on Ellen White is significant for all Adventists - both conservative and progressive. In many ways she was a progressive in her time. She took her stand on the side of Waggoner and Jones when they faced opposition from the General Conference and many other leaders. She stated that the law in Galatians, which was our schoolmaster, was particularly the moral law. This was against the trend of her times. She was not afraid to say that our emphasis on the law in our past had at times left us as dry as the hills of Gilboa. Her tremendous emphasis on Christ in the 1890s was a trail-blazer for Adventism. She even had ‘Steps to Christ’ printed by a non-Adventist printer. If it had not been for her position on the Trinity we probably would still have been Arians like Jehovah Witnesses. She was not afraid to warn the General Conference leadership of the danger of kingly power. Adventists indeed should be grateful.

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Yes, Ellen was a progressive!! Unfortunately, no one else was and did NOT listen to her back then.
No One is a progressive NOW. And no one listens to her Now!!
All she is is a Church Icon, a picture on a wall, a picture on Facebook and a picture on Spectrum, and soon to be a picture at the Smithsonian in some room someplace.
But her Spirit is not in the halls of the GC.
If this was Halloween, I would have said, Her Spirit is NOT Haunting the halls of the GC.


spectrum may wish to start a list of stories for 2015. The LA Times just ran a major article on Ryan Bell that was republished in the Augusta Ga Religion section of the Sat. edition. Of the Augusta Chronicle. Tom z