Terry Shaw’s 6 Lessons from 6 Decades

I turn 60 this week. It’s made me stop and reflect on what’s important and some key lessons I learned along the way. In going through some family and work photos, I thought about six lessons from the past six decades that have been important to me. The last one has already set the tone for my focus in the coming years.

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Thank you, Terry Shaw, for sharing these important life lessons. Please keep writing and speaking. Our faith community will be further enriched and inspired if you do.


Public records show this man makes around $500,000 per month in salary and benefits, if not more. He’s underpaid and could easily go to work for someone else for double that. Listen to what he has to say. He has had an amazing career so far and was instrumental in saving this awesome healthcare organization a few years back.

I guess his predecessors simply didn’t understand that by abandoning EGW’s ideas about vegetarianism*, sabbath keeping** and using health care as an entering wedge for Adventism***-in addition to giving up on Jesus’ concept of healing sick people for free-a nonprofit organization could become very profitable!

I’m not saying giving up on SDA-ism is wrong as I’ve done so myself.

It just seems that continuing to use at least part of the name is a bit duplicitous.

But then again, this isn’t a unique concept for a denomination that still talks about current events in heaven as if they had a reporter on the scene….


*AdventHealth co-sponsors a local pig pull.
**AdventHealth is the lead sponsor for a PGA tournament which includes golf on Saturday
***The last time I was in an Adventist hospital the attending physician had no idea who EGW was and other than the fact that a prayer was offered over the PA at 6:00 PM, the institution was indistinguishable from any other hospital in America.

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