Thank God for Unions

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The following is from the General Conference Archives Facebook page:

"On March 4 in 1895: the 31st GC Session ends, in Battle Creek. It re-elected all three officers but this session was historic, for it approved a new form of Adventist organisation: the Union Conference, pioneered by A. G. Daniells in Australia in 1894 (photo shows Daniells during his time as Australian Union Conference President).

The then GC president, Ole Olsen, had reservations about the Union model, but with Ellen White's support (sent by letter from Australia) the Session gave its blessing. Over the next 6 years the benefits offered by devolving some authority down from the GC were obvious and at the 1901 GC Session, Unions was adopted around the world."

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Thank God for unions, indeed!

Adventists must be on guard against current efforts by the GC to curtail the authority of the unions—authority distinctly encouraged by EGW in 1901: “Some have suggested the main problem was that the GC committee was too small or that the GC president was too assertive, or “kingly.” Ellen White was concerned with both issues, but if those were the main problems, they could have been fixed by enlarging the committee and electing a less domineering president — without the complete reorganization that Ellen White called for, and the delegates voted, in 1901.” (Gerry Chudleigh)

“Have those in Battle Creek been given superior reason and wisdom that God will not give those in the churches and conferences?” (Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, p. 325).

“Has the Lord to go to Battle Creek, and tell men there what the men working in distant countries must do?” (EGW to A. O. Tait, Aug. 27, 1896. Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers, no. 9, p. 32).

“The place, the circumstances, the interest, the moral sentiment of the people, will have to decide in many cases the course of action to be pursued” (EGW Ltr. 53, 1894, MR 714).

“Those who are right on the ground are to decide what shall be done” (General Conference Bulletin, April 5, 1901, pp. 69-70).

A must read on the checks & balances which unions provide:

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The main problem will be created by those who support TW “no matter what.” They seem to be completely mesmerized by some supposed special spiritual leadership that they see in him. Their tunnel vision leads to “vandieman-type” statements about TW, as they blindly applaud his conduct. It’s these people that pose great danger to the Church, since their irresponsible influence may have “grave consequences.”

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There are many church members who culturally &/or personally are great admirers of top-down authority. They will support TW in his GC power grab. I’m pretty pessimistic about it, actually. He’s going to get away w/ it. So then the question that remains is what will happen to regions that disagree when all autonomy is stripped. Leaders & members tend to cave rather than not be part of the church.

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If that happens those who supported the maneuver (manure?) will have what they deserve: dictation from the above!