Thank You for Supporting Independent Adventist Journalism

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much. Our trip to Silver Spring for Annual Council is over, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for your comments on our stories. Thank you for your prayers and messages of support. Thank you for being members of Adventist Forum—part of our team.

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for your indefatigable and ardent endeavors in maintaining
TRANSPARENCY in Adventist Journalism.

If we had to rely on the official church papers, we
would get a “.snow job “ in perusing the official jargon,
—a dense coverup and censorship of the manipulations
and.machinations that transpire in that labyrinthine office of TW.

We know it is tiring and tedious to “live out of a suitcase “
when you travel far afield, London and Washington DC,
to cover important stories that would otherwise be
deliberately buried by the official church body.

Our sincerest appreciation to both you and your splendid husband Tom, for all you do on our behalf!

I recently saw the movie WONDER WOMAN.
You are Adventism’s WONDER WOMAN !!


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Hmmm… Okay…

As I recall, Christ, when on earth, seemed to make a habit of speaking out against the leadership of “the church” of his time. Not only did he speak out against their doctrines, their policies, and their actions, but he called them names! So… If I can derive any lesson from your request for "our willing submission to our Creators’ ‘good’ example… well… :innocent:

Agreed on that one point and if you will note from the emoji used, my comment was made in good humor rather than as argument.

I did not read the rest of your remarks. There’s an internet saying “TLDR” which means, too long didn’t read. Honestly, I’m not attempting to be impertinent here but when a responder’s comments run paragraph after paragraph to the point where they begin to compete with the original article or posting, my tendency is to skip on past everything but the first couple sentences and the last one or two. I kind of run on the belief that in this busy world, sometimes brevity is my friend.