Thank You Pastor Peterson

Pastor Eugene Peterson passed away this week. He was 85, and I know that’s a good long life, but he was such an inspiration to me. I loved to read things he wrote, listen to interviews with him in the @therabbitroom, and I cherished his translation of the Bible — The Message.

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Eugene Peterson’s ministry has meant a great deal to me. His paraphrase of the Bible has brought clarity, insight and inspiration to my life when I most needed it. I spoke to him on the telephone several years ago when I was fortunate to connect with him. After identifying myself and sharing with him the challenge I was facing, he prayed with me and with few words met me at the point of my need. He was an excellent Pastor. His final words to me will always inspire me:

"Embrace the things God can do for you."



The Message has turned the scriptures into a living manuscript for me. Ideas jump off the pages with freshness. What a gift Eugene Peterson has given to us and our children for our trek through the twists and turns of life.

Emily, thank you for sharing your story.

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