Thanks in a Thankless Space

No, actually, it only addressed the topic you, yourself brought up, and now that others don’t agree you run off blaming the others for going off topic. Nice move :slight_smile: Have a good Holiday season!


Well, please next time don’t poke it (another subject) if you are going to abandon ship when you are asked more about the statements you made. IOW, please don’t waste our precious time if you are not serious about the off topic issues that you bring up.
I wish you, too, a Wonderful Christmas indeed!


“degrading the family unit” – I know of at least 7 GL couples who have
either Adopted children and raising them, or are Foster parents and
also raising them in wonderful home setting.
I have watched several groups of children under their care for 8 years.
They are wonderful families. All the children are involved in church.

By the way, the Sunday [not Sabbath] church they attend is very
welcoming to couples and their families.


All of us can get triggered when our sacred cows are lashed. My guess is that you read a statement below …

… And you need to balance it with an idea that LGBTQ movent is broadening the boundaries of the traditional family structure, which in your opinion is equivalent of destroying it.

My advice would be to befriend and hang out with a gay family for a day. Or pull one from another congregation, and have a Q and A session in your church about concerns that you personally have. You may find that there’s little basis for these, since familiar structure isn’t limited to biological roles. In fact , as a society, we’ve learned to supplement our deficiency in our personal competence with these roles by having friends, church, babysitters, daycares, schools and plentiful other institutions to help us as parents.

So, if you are going to purge your church from LGBTQ “destructive influence”, then you might as well purge single fathers, or single mothers… or any kind of familiar arrangement that doesn’t follow your typical mother-father-children idealism.


OOPS, Arkdrey, you went astray with the subject. Purging was never mentioned in my responses. Welcoming is a far better practice and is necessary for encouraging those who are stuck in the LGBTQBPR lifestyle. Merry Christmas!

I see you couldn’t resist coming back to the subject in spite of your best efforts to the contrary. Perhaps Shakespeare’s words are appropriate here, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks!” :wink:

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Otherwise known as Ted Haggard syndrome.

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