The 2019 enditnow NAD Summit on Abuse Focuses on Helping Pastors and Seminary Students Recognize and Stop Abuse

I am 81 so I got ALL the teachings. Biggest concern to me was all my sins being put across the sky for everyone to see. Also the fear at the end of time when we (everyone by that time had accepted the 7th day and become Adventists) would be left without a mediator and would be straining to remember every forgotten sin as we suffered to be sure we would be saved. My mother remembered when she was a child that she would hide in the hey mounds so she couldn’t be found, in case her probation had already ended. Pathetic. I am so thankful that I discovered, through Solo Scriptura that I AM already Saved by my Saviors death on the cross and through His Grave and I do not need to fear the Judgement.


Whoops, the above had a Freudian slip. I meant to say GRACE .


I will post here what I wrote on Facebook. To go along with your comment:
This is near to my heart. My father, a pastor in the 1940’s to the 1960’s had affairs in his churches but the Presidents of each Conf. deemed to move him on to the next town or State. My mother told each Pres. but she was ‘silenced’. He had a child by one of his parishioners, left on an extended “nervous breakdown” (wonder why). Was reinstated in another State and stayed a pastor until his last affair in that church where my mother finally found a Conf. Pres. that believed her and removed my father from his pastoral position. He later married that woman. My mother wrote a manuscript that became a book and was published . “We Suffered In Silence” (Barnes and Nobel) Her reason for the manuscript was to bring knowledge to young pastors and their wives on how Satan can tempt the most vulnerable, God’s workers. She cautioned the couples to stay close to each other and God and for the pastor to not allow himself to ever be alone, in any situation with another woman. My husband, a counselor and Dr. Mable Dunbar, a Psychologist in Spokane Wa. also wrote helpful chapters for men and women in all abusive situations. Would have like to have been at this Seminar and presented my thoughts, along with my mother’s (she passed away in 2004). An interesting side to this story—The Review and Harold in 1999 was going to publish her book and sell it at the next GC. When she got back their proposed ‘change’ of her manuscript, it was so white washed she asked for it back. After it was privately published we offered it to a number of Christian Abuse programs, most of whom were happy to promote it, however, one women’s only program for women abused by pastors turned it down. The reason being that all women ‘abused’ by pastors were the victims therefore they were not happy that the manuscript stated that women, who participated in an affair with their pastor was also responsible along with the pastor. Where does the line get drawn on abuse, only with men and not women? Well, I can tell you that my mother was the ‘abuse’ victim of both the man and the woman!


Virginia –
BOTH are correct.

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