The Adventist “Abortion Rights Missionary” of Arkansas—and More News

In the Arkansas Times, Stephanie Smittle writes: “A fifth-generation Seventh-day Adventist, Karen Musick was ‘raised looking for a missionary challenge.’ . . . But these days, that spiritual call has taken a very specific direction. As one of three volunteers who helm the Arkansas Abortion Support Network, Musick spent the last eight years donning a rainbow vest with the word ‘ESCORT’ on it, accompanying patients from an often-vitriol-charged parking lot to the doors of the Little Rock Family Planning Clinic, the only spot in Arkansas that was dedicated to performing surgical abortions. None of the escorts, nor any of the organization’s three leaders—Musick, Ali Taylor and Roz Creed—take a paycheck for their work.”

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Karen Musick is a courageous hero.

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