The Adventist Church and Its LGBT Members — Part 2

Editor’s Note: In this four-part series for Spectrum, Adventist sociologist Ronald Lawson explores the historical and current relationship between the Adventist Church and its LGBT members. This article originally appeared in the Spectrum print journal (volume 48, issue 4), and will be reprinted online in full over the coming days. Read Part 1 here.

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Thanks again Ronald for this shocking listing of the multiple anti gay and homophobic statements our denomination has promulgated over many decades

Repeatedly, they warn that the only acceptable option for gay Adventists is celibacy.

At 85, I have witnessed many widowed pastors / church administrators / theologians who hasten to remarry ( often unwisely ) within a year of their wife’s demise.

They do not marry for the sex ( many are of the “ viagra age “ ) but because of the intense loneliness that their wife’s death has engendered.

Yet these same individuals unfeelingly impose LIFE LONG LONELINESS on the LGBT members of the church.


You hit the nail on the head in your comment, Robin. Thank you for making it. I endorse it.


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