The Adventist Church and Its LGBT Members — Part 3

Editor’s Note: In this four-part series for Spectrum, Adventist sociologist Ronald Lawson explores the historical and current relationship between the Adventist Church and its LGBT members. This article originally appeared in the Spectrum print journal (volume 48, issue 4), and will be reprinted online in full over the coming days. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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Thank you once more, Ronald Lawson, for your exhaustive and compelling evaluation of how Adventist schools / colleges / universities
treat their LGBT students.

You talk about BULLYING —- an horrendous right of passage for gay teens !
Some teens have even been murdered by bullies —- the sad story of Mathew Shepherd comes to mind.

Gays have endured much MISERY over millennia from gay bashing, gay bullying, gay harassment, gay murder.

Sorry, but for this I blame God, who allowed anti gay texts in His Scriptures.

Surely, an allegedly all knowing, reputably omniscient, supposedly omnipotent God, would intuitively have known that these pejorative texts, would have resulted in multiple millennia of MISERY for gays.

Buddhists, Hindus, Shintos have ZERO homophobic texts in their religious writings and their gay teenagers suffer less abuse as a result.
Nor do their families reject them, as do Christian / Orthodox Jewish / Muslim families.

Countries like Uganda which criminalize homosexuality, only did so after having been contaminated ( I use the word advisedly ) with Christianity.

Good to hear that your survey revealed that bullying was less prevalent on Adventist campuses than on secular ones.

However gays will always be “ second class “ citizens on SDA campuses due to the denomination’s innate homophobia.

For a teenager to mature into a responsible adult they need to develop a sense of self esteem, self respect and dignity — impossible when they are denigrated, disdained, disparaged and discriminated against.

When their straight peers are dating without censure, our
LGBT students are denied romantic attachments ( a right of passage for most teenagers ) by the school administration !

For that reason, I advise every Adventist gay / lesbian, as soon as they realize they are gay, to distance themselves from our church schools.

They will retain far more of their dignity and self respect,
in a secular high school, community college or university,
where also in state tuition saves them from student indebtedness .

Three of our Adventist colleges in NAD ranked in the top fifty (out of four thousand US colleges ) for graduating students with the most student debt. Regrettably, none ranked highly for academic excellence!

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