The Adventist Church is Led by Old White Men


Agreed Tony, and welcome to the forum.

This is exactly the message that so many of have spoken of and promulgate here on Spectrum.

All to often many of our brethren come to this forum for the purpose of condemning those of us who do not subscribe to human constructs of structure and leadership and also insist on conformity of thought. When you read through some of this it may shock you to find that so many believe that, amongst other things, that the Holy Spirit may not call whom he wills when the policy of the church dictates otherwise, that indeed policy of the SDA is equal to that of scripture/moral law and salvation priniciples.


Answer: No

My question: Were those bishops and overseers in the Bible salary workers?

(Don Kevin Burk) #23

Why is it that we’re allowed to reference race and age selectively? If I were to refer to an organization in a negative way under the heading of ‘it’s run by young black men’, I’d be labeled as racist (at the very least)!

(George Tichy) #24

Hi Tony, welcome to the conversation!

It sounds more like a description of the former Soviet Politburo.
Who would ever guess that such a monster would one day become active in a religious institution ? But it just did, in Battle Creek!

The last thing this GC wants is ANY liberty being given to ANY layer of the Church to exert ANY degree of freedom. However, there is one thing they cannot do: to force ANY individual who is not an employee to bow down to their dirty dictatorship.

I am sure they will try anyways. Soon members will get a piece of paper to be signed in order to confirm their membership and to declare loyalty to the GC. Well, I can assure you, there won’t ever be any “Heil TW” from this mouth!

(George Tichy) #25

How can a comment be “racist” if it is actually true?
The racist card is too often used to distract from reality.

(Kevin Paulson) #26

Old white men???

As I recall, it was mostly old white men (or at least white men generally) from affluent First World countries who spoke against the motion at Annual Council, while it was men and women of color from the poorer lands of earth who spoke in the motion’s favor.

Simple folk who take the Bible as it reads are proving to be the true heroes of contemporary Adventism.

(George Tichy) #27

And you can say such an absurd thing with straight face! Astonishing!!!
By the way, when you say, “simple folk,” you sound extremely condescending about those people.

Do you really know them (the “simple folk”), or are you assuming they are just “simple” because they are “men and women of color” coming from regions that you believe are not as developed as the area where you live?

I can’t believe you can make statements like that Kevin. They are far for being “perfect.” …

And the weirdest thing in your statement is praising those who “take the Bible as it reads” since you never do that, you need to always “interpret” what is written, to make it fit your personal theology.

I wish you could be like those “simple folk”… and also take the Bible as it reads. But you have not done that, at least not here. You always have to interpret the “written counsel of God” so that the rest of us (…) can understand what it means.

Oh, without you here, we would be just a bunch of hopeless idiots, isn’t it Kevin? :roll_eyes:


Isn’t quoting a line from Blazing Saddles…one wonders

(Kevin Paulson) #29

Forgive me, George, if I came across as implying that these folks are “simple-minded,” as I most assuredly don’t believe that. I simply meant that they approach God’s Word with a simple faith and allow that Word to explain itself.

Would that the rest of us would do the same.

(George Tichy) #30

You have to talk to them about it Kevin, not to me. I do not get offended by anything you can possibly say, you know that! I am just a simple guy… :wink:


OLD=Generation discrimination
WHITE- Race discrimination
MEN-Gender discrimination

3 cards

get 2 more and you get a STRAIGHT and then you got sexual discrimination.

(Kevin Paulson) #32

Unless I hear otherwise from them, I suspect they know what I meant.

(Andy) #33

At this point in time, nobody cares or should care about what the GC does, except those who think it is the voice of God thought it sounds more like the voice of man, or more specifically the voice of old white men.

The problem is not with being old or white or male but that all too often, we keep finding that older white men are dictating and formulating policies that have no real biblical foundation whether it regards to worship music or who can be “ordained” to the Gospel ministry which is a heresy all by itself. And a little more than half the world follows this without a second thought. The same phenomenon can be very clearly seen now in American politics.

The only way forward out of this wilderness and enslavement to non biblical dogma is to resist at all times and at all costs through tithes and offerings and other ways to get the church leaders to follow the Bible. Until that happens, wish yourself good luck.

Now that “unity” has been voted with the establishment of FIVE, I mean F I V E compliance committees to ensure that kind of “unity” to really, really make sure females are not at all allowed to be ORDAINED to the Gospel ministry, old white men should really take the lead in evangellizing the world of 7 billion plus with their exclusionary policies and practices and we all can or should sit back and see how far it goes?

(George Tichy) #34

Certainly. I am sure they read… Spectrum!

(George Tichy) #35

Another helpful tool is voting. Voting this GC team OUT.
But, again, the votes from the areas that support discrimination and abuse of power the most will, again, supersede the votes from the opposite regions.

Is there any, ANY way out of this mess that TW put us in?


Not if you are an institutional, cult SDA flag waver.
However if you are one who cares more about worshipping in Spirit & truth instead of having anxiety & panic attacks about the future, reputation & pride of a lukewarm Laodicean religious institution plagued with fanatic , insubordinate gainsayers. .then you won’t get stuck in a theological cesspool or ghetto.

(Denny) #37

I’m black and African. No offense was taken Kevin. We fully understood what you meant regarding the simple faith and taking the Word as it is written. Keep on writing! Sola Scriptura.

(Denny) #38

I take offense to that line. Why do you assume such a high and mighty air about yourself in your comments… You should be cautioned for such…But no you wont because i see you have been at this for a while… Do not regard your camp being on the side of open mindedness and non discrimination. Just speak the Wor full stop and stop these rough statements. Thanks.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #39

What are Job qualifications…? The gender barrier is falling in most professions including the pulpit in most denominations. In my 93 years I have endured some highly unprepared males in the pulpit. I have yet to endure an unprepared female. It seems they set the goal post higher for females. So I think the duty of a pulpit committee is to seek competence, and commitment far above gender. Redemptive themes not eschatology should be the focus. We came from dust and shall return to dust. In the between times let us live with assurance and the grace it bestows.


I wonder who the "they " are. Maybe the female pastor herself.

Yes I have heard mostly unprepared male pastors and since the females go to the same seminaries, they get contaminated with similar inept denominational teaching skills as well.