The Adventist Church is Led by Old White Men

(Lincoln Dunstan) #41

I’m not disputing the title and content of the above, but this may be the answer to the described problem:

(George Tichy) #42

Do you realize that when you said this to Kevin this was a misnomer?

Kevin has never supported the “Sola Scriptura” principle. This has been a major disagreement between him and me for ages. I am fully (100%) in support of “Sola Scriptura,” he is fiercely (100%) against it. For him it is always and only, “Scriptura + the non-scriptura.”

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First of all, expressing our opinions is permitted by the Constitution of our country, therefore nobody has the right to deny others FREE expression of their thoughts.

But, anyway, … let me ask you a “rough” simple question, for a simple “check” answer:

Are you against discrimination of women?
____ YES … … ____ NO

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Oh, if you could only help them with some wisdom… :roll_eyes:

(Thomas J Zwemer) #45

Yes and no. I think women have to set the goal higher. Andrews has some great faculty and some not so great… I for one have high regards for the dean. Yet I have endured some numbskulls coming out. Of course we have on Spectrum Kevin. He defends the most obnoxious form of Adventism.

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…Freely express your thoughts my dear brother…others will express theirs too.:wink:

I’m 110% against discrimination of women. My culture says women must do certain things as a show of respect to men but i have told my wife dont do those things as they are archaic and not biblically necessary to show respect. But Sarah called Abraham lord, i will not say it was wrong as it was their time and context.

I even detest the issues in the developed world where women are paid less than men for a job/tasks where they are equally trained. I can go on and on.

But one thing i don’t wish to do is to re write the bible claiming post modernism.

(George Tichy) #47

So we are on the same page on this issue. Great.

(Red Livingstone) #48

I respect your opinion, Simone. Thank you for having the courage to share it, probably knowing that you will get all sorts of kind and unkind responses.

And like you, what is said or done by the GC in council or in session, “does not change how I worship.” “It does not change or challenge my relationship with Christ.”

Thank God, (literally and figuratively) a membership in a church is not the prerequisite for heaven and living eternally, in the presence of and worshiping our God.


As usual…SDA mixed bag

I was reading the SDA bible commentary on Ephesians last night and noticed that the contributing authors were at odds with each other in bible interpretation and with EG White as well.


What if he was only 109% against?

(Patrick Travis) #51

1 Tim.5:17,18 says they were worthy of pay. That is not defending a hierarchical structure as such.

(Patrick Travis) #52

Great lecturer!..


This quote comes from Christ in Luke 10: 7 which I don’t see any connection to salary in context except if you’re saying it’s a principle for pastoral salary. I wanted to drive to a point that the nature and structure of the Bible episcopate is contrary to the modern pastoral ministry of D.Min and conference employment. I don’t know of how much of the Bible we have in our ministerial structure and how much of ecclesiastical structure. San Antonio thought me that the Holy Spirit discriminates the gifts (in particular “pastoral”) based on gender. This, I cannot find any Biblical justification… Amen!

(David Holland) #54

things might be better if run by old men of a different color? Is it the color of the skin that makes it so bad–or just a talking point?

(Patrick Travis) #55

I don’t disagree with the above. The reason I first said “allowed” is bishops/overseers were just described in the NT as men. I think we need to be honest and start from that point and see if there can be exceptions made on the basis of circumstances and need as times and cultures change. I don’t believe an absolute exists prohibiting “gifted”/called women in ministry.

(Elmer Cupino) #56

In case you have forgotten, the SDA is a product of a revolutionary mind such as Martin Luther and including EGW.

(Elmer Cupino) #57

Keep on writing, Simone. Not only so but invite your writing friends too. Encourage your friends to help infiltrate the employment ranks of our church. With time, these “Old White Men” should be out in the pastures where they belong and where I am waiting for them😁

(Jurandir) #58

1- I was talking about these words, because they are used frequently in a political perspective.
2- The General Conference, when gathered with the representation from all the world, is the voice of God, so any conference or Union that does not respect the decisions that the church took, is disobeying the voice of God (
3- Regarding to woman ordination, I’m in favor of it. But as long as the Holy Spirit doen’t make us united in this matter, we should wait. God has the right moment for it and when He decides we will have it voted and passed. Until then we should not have division over it, neither should unions and conferences act against the decision of the church.


Thank you for your clarification :slight_smile:


10/23/18 - #4

No need to guess. Read history. And Adventist eschatology. And George Knight.

And the Bible.