The Adventist Church’s Official Statements on Climate Change, the Environment, and Stewardship of the Earth

Gravity isn’t real. Yep, she said that. The flat earthers have an answer for everything.

Here’s a great site that is a window into their craziness:

You can always find a quote to suit your needs if you want to search it out. Same with scripture, you can find texts to prove most any notion if your willing to search it out. But no one ever talks about context. And no one ever insists on finding different authors to confirm the understanding. This is why there are so many different pointed steeples on every street corner of every community in the world.

Maybe someone actually read Rev. 11:18.

In all fairness, you have to understand that virtually all scripture was written by men who believed that the earth was not only flat but that it was the center of the universe.

What boggles my mind is how Gen. 1 talks about days one two and three but there was no way to tell when the days began or ended because the sun was not made until the 4th day…someone want to explain that?


Do you think, or believe, that there should only be 1 church? That there shouldn’t be any differences, that all Christians should be in lock step on all issues?

Are you referring to the Egw quote I ran across in the 80’s from FE p.409? Or, the explanation I gave for diaptheirai meaning corrupt or destroy in Rev.11 which also meant to Isaiah disobedience, corruption to covenant? That gives way to destruction, captivity and judgment.

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