The Adventist Podcast: Education

This episode of The Adventist Podcast focuses on education and includes:

Jared Wright, Spectrum Website Managing Editor on the state of Adventist education; Hallie Anderson, Walla Walla University student and Spectrum intern on covering higher ed news; An anonymous student leader of #freepuc on campus activism; and Ramona Hyman, Ph.D., associate professor of English at Oakwood University on the meanings of Magic Johnson’s big donation.

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i was interested in ramona’s description of the atmosphere leading up to the announcement of magic johnson’s $50,000.00 donation to oakwood, in honor of his mother…i never knew his mother has been an adventist for over 45 yrs, and that she gave his sisters no choice but to attend oakwood…ramona’s explanation that oakwood is “intentional” about its christian component was also interesting…

there is a difference between Education and indoctrination. Bob Jones University, Liberty University, and Oral Roberts University are the highlights of indoctrination. Adventist higher education has been moving away from that model to the great discomfort of Ted Wilson. If the Gospel of Grace can’t hold then fear can only immobilize thought and spiritual growth. The Gospel of John is a central point. he states the case for a Redemptive God and then presents the evidence. Paul takes up the task in Romans, And the writer of Hebrews drives it home. David throws himself into the arms of a redeeming God with great literary passion. The future will take care of itself if the is present divine assurance. Let every Christain say with Paul–I know in whom I have believed and I am persuaded that He is able!" Tom Z


The Loma Linda purpose statement is perfect for all Christain education–(To Make Man Whole) That should define the faculty . Doubt should be balanced by assurance. There. Will always be unknowables. Job would be an excellent starting place for higher Christsin education. Tom Z

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