The Adventist Podcast: Muhammad Ali Among the Adventists

Welcome to Spectrum's sixth Adventist podcast.

In this episode we're celebrating the life of Muhammad Ali among the Adventists in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Brenton Reading talks briefly about the upcoming Adventist Forum conference with Greg Boyd on the non-violent atonement. Alisa Williams shares some anecdotes on Muhammad Ali in and around Berrien Springs, Michigan. Finally, longtime Spectrum reader, Tom Kimmel, reflects on having Muhammad Ali as his neighbor and friend for thirty-five years.

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The human interest story of Muhammad Ali certainly is interesting as well. When studying at Andrews I knew there was this compoud with large gates behind which people intimated this famous boxer lived. Now I know a little more about what was going on behind those gates. Thanks.

…”people in love with the Adventist church”… Benton Reading:

I have always wondered. Why do people fall in love with a church?

When one loves a church what is requested? What is asked: faithfulness to its prescribed doctrines as truth, regular attendance and participation, at lest 10% of income, support of its schools, and respect for its pastors and leaders as ordained by God.

Can those who love a church think individually? Can they hold opinions that are far afield from church group consensus without guilt or fear of rejection?

The NT concept of church, embraces all believers, does it not? Is this not far different from loving an organized 501-C3 domination? Can love of a church (JW, LDS, RC or Pentecostal) lead one astray?

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