The Adventist Podcast: Pulse Massacre Orlando

Welcome to the seventh episode of The Adventist Podcast. This one focuses on the tragedy at the Pulse club in Orlando. Jim Coffin, executive director of the Interfaith Council of Central Florida, discusses how faith communities around Orlando are responding.

Then four young LGBT+ Adventists share their personal reflections: Juan Perla, Yeshara Acosta, Keisha McKenzie, Teagan Widmer. They speak incredibly honestly and insightfully about how sanctuaries of pride and love overcome fear and violence.

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Alex, thanks for the opportunity to reflect.

It’s interesting how much even a conversation about grief and the value of affinity/community spaces like bars, healthy congregations, retreats, and soccer clubs can become – for some respondents – just another common opportunity to project.

I’m reminded of something a friend who spends much of his time in community peacemaking often says about the sacred responsibility to listen, and listen carefully.

Thanks for listening to us during an incredibly challenging time.


Thanks for Teagan, Keisha, Yeshara and Juan for sharing their profound reflections. I am honored to be a part of the greater SDA LGBTQ+ community and friends through community and social media with these amazing people. I am proud of them.