The Adventist Vote: Trump or Biden?

YUP! It is all documented. Stay tuned in, but ABC, NBC, etc. will avoid the subject as long as possible. Check out some sites such as,,,,, Newsy, and there are many more. No sand in their ears.
Corruption in politicians is a disease and it happens within Repubs and Dems at various levels. For a few years now there has been much corruption within the FBI and CIA too, and we continue to pay them with our taxes. Go figure!

@harrpa will immediately understand what it this all about. With sources like these, sure, “stay tuned” … indeed. I bet Rush Limbaugh is among the “many more.”

I am relieved; for a minute I wondered about this “news.” But, with sources like that, I can sleep in peace. I feel free, because “truth is freedom” indeed.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Keep us posted on this issue, will you?


When it’s clear that DT in incapable of saying truth, when it’s obvious that he will misinfor/misguide the public, it becomes indeed tiring to even hear his voice.

Last night I watched the two town halls intermittently jumping from one to another. What a contrast! Trump kept repeating falsehood, a completely empty discourse of foolish statements that he is repeating for months now; and not one single answer to questions dealing with real issues.


She appears to be a normal and honest person. With her father now saying that “Covid no longer kills people,” of course she wants people to vote for Biden to end this 4 year long nightmare!!! She says, accurately, that this Presidency has been Trump’s “reign of terror.”

This is certainly another good clue to help Adventists decide their vote: Trump or Biden!
I hope a clear conscience prevails…


As I understand it there is no prophecy that tells of his arrival nor any other reference that I am aware of that that would confirm what you are saying.

Could you explain what you mean by this or point to a prophecy that would validate this please.


Well David, I don’t know if there is a prophecy about the following either; but I am sure the Republicans remain very confident that God is in control of elections…
If Biden wins, will they consider it God’s answer to their prayers?
Or, maybe this time (like w/ Obama) it was the Devil who prevailed?


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