The African Church Leadership and the GC President: An Unhealthy Relationship

There is no biblical model for many things, uniformity being one. A global body ruling over the church is another.

However, as for defiance of authority in the pursuit of what’s right I look not to the apostles but to Christwho constantly defied the authorities by healing on the Sabbath. And when the disciples were condemned for picking food on the sabbath, who defended them against the authorities? Christ.

So to say there is no NT model for defiance is not strictly true.


TC – Not only THAT, but Jesus said He could “Forgive Sins”!!!
And said to PROVE IT, said He would make the paralytic a whole person again.
And he did. The man carried his “bed” home with him.

Jesus was constantly defying His Culture.
Religious culture.
Political culture.


Actually you’re wrong. They did defy the authorities. Perhaps you should go back and read the book of Acts through just one more time.

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I was thinking of defiance in terms of open disregard or contempt for authority, of which there is certainly no model in the NT. What Jesus and the apostles did, was simply to follow God’s law over man’s law, but it was not done with a defiant attitude; no protests in the streets, no agitation; simply doing what was right.

I don’t know, preaching in the temple when forbidden to by the authorities seems pretty much like open defiance to me. The authorities certainly found it very agitating.

He also defied and infuriated authorities by healing on Sabbath. Telling people to pick up your bed and walk was direct insubordination. He became demonized and convicted to death for his insubordination to authorities.


We are being arrogant if we think we can hasten or delay the 2nd Coming. Only the Father knows when it will occur. The belief that Christ’s coming is being delayed by our actions is a clear reflection of the expectation that He should already be here. If your friend says that he will come over tomorrow, but by lunchtime he is not there, can you say he is delaying? Did he say what time he was coming? Our expectations on when we expect the 2nd Coming to occur play a large part in how we react. We are to be ready at all hours, because we know not the time nor day of His appearing.
He is coming again. He is coming soon. He is coming whether we are ready or not.


You are not alone in that unhappy quandry.

Some time has past since this article was posted, but the relationship became still more unhealthy as we could see at the AC-18.

A very unhealthy relationship for many regions that now have some church practices dictated by other regions. With the blessings of a very powerful GC President, one with the the power of a great Inquisitor!

“Grave Consequences” ahead???


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