The Annual Council Contribution to the SDA Conversation on Racism

This discussion is now, indeed, promising… I am excited…

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Harry, you. make this harder than it is.

I do not accept your definitions of racism. Your little list, of 1), 2) etc. I just do not accept them. So, since I do not accept them, accept that I don’t and move on.

I think you do believe that all whites are racist. My opinion. So I have answered.

I do not think that all whites are racist.

Critical Race Theory teaches that all whites are. Now with 12 hours left, perhaps you can give us your opinion of CRT. We could discuss that. You definitions I am not willing to discuss.

George, that was one of the funniest post you have written! I lol!!

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Sad, though, that the “fun” can’t last now more than 12 hours…
Thank God!!!
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