The Arc of the Moral Universe

There is familiar proverb that states “time heals all wounds”. The thought being of course that the passage of time will rectify whatever ills one may be facing. With enough hours, the sting of pain diminishes. As days go by, scars fade. While it’s catchy and many people quote it often, this saying misrepresents what actually happens when healing takes place. It makes it seem as if healing is this passive thing. As if there’s some magic merely in the amount of passing seconds. You can do nothing and healing will take place. Anyone with a working knowledge of biology knows this to be false. Your body actually puts in a lot of work to make you whole after an injury. Your systems, especially your immune system and circulatory system, are actively trying to ferry cells towards the site of the wound to repair and rebuild. Yes, the process takes time. But it isn’t time itself that is doing the healing. Healing is an active process.

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Thank you and Amen!! If our religious belief is not part of the change, then it is useless!

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racist ? where and when did this word come into existence and for what use was it used
I am not even American and am questioning things
why isn’t SPECTRUM

Is it a BIBLICAL word ?

The Oxford English Dictionary 's first recorded utterance of the word racism was by a man named Richard Henry Pratt in 1902. Pratt was railing against the evils of racial segregation.


They only needed, in Pratt’s
words, “the environment and kind treatment of domestic civilized life to become a very part of
it.” Pratt believed that the Native Americans should be uprooted from their tribal past to “achieve
full participation.” In practice, this meant erasing, as much as possible, any trace of Native
American customs, culture, language and religion from the children at the school.

“Cultural assimilation of Native Americans”
sounds nice on the outside but seems sinister

words new to the English language ’ speciesism’ ‘racism’ ‘feminism’ ‘veganism’ ‘anti patriachalism’ and list goes on all linked to LIBERATION THEOLOGY wrapped in science

peter singer a champion for this movement his father influenced him via the German Jewish enlightenment period that has shaped most of our universities that basically started during ELLEN G WHITES period

through science we can justify abortion - suicide and the list goes on

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