The Bible and LGBTQ Adventists—Imago Gei

Kendra Arsenaux writes, "This week I am excited to be sharing [Imago Gei] with Pastor Alicia Johnston, the author of the new book, The Bible and LGBTQ Adventists. She addresses queer theology and answers a number of questions about the Bible and what it has to say regarding LGBTQ persons, relationships, origins, and marriage. If you’d like an opportunity to win a free copy of Pastor Alicia Johnston’s new book The Bible and LGBTQ Adventists listen to the end and find out how you can win your free copy today!

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My question would be how would a same sex couple, true to each other, handle a disfellowship from fellow members, even the pastor, at a church they loved for years?

I don’t need to ‘win’ a copy of Alicia’s book, since I already have started reading the copy I purchased. I’m still slowly working my way through it, taking time to ponder and digest. I’m incredible thankful for her insights.

I struggle to find the best way to communicate with church friends who express “the Bible is clear” and “hate the sin but love the sinner” and seem unable to consider a perspective that might differ from the inherited idea/s that fit their current comfort zone.

I know that I have never experienced growth in a situation where I have felt attacked, belittled or criticized; and have no desire to come across that way to anyone else. As Alicia expressed in this podcast, learning to communicate effectively is crucial. I have so much room for growth.

My question would be: might there be a short simple straightforward sentence, non-threatening to the non-affirming, that could be like a seed planted for the Holy Spirit to tend?

How can local churches be more LGBTQ affirming?

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Make affirmation equal for all, quite simply! The SDA Church, at the moment, is an exclusive organization.

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