The Christian consequences of the war

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As Christianity Today points out: It can be easy for Western Christians to tune out violence in the Middle East. It can seem to be both intractable and unending, while the grievances on either side extend decades, even centuries, into the past. Yet, the dimensions of any conflict in the region can affect Christians differently. Lebanon has the largest percentage of Christians of any country in the Middle East, and fighting between Hezbollah and Israel in the country affect Christians differently than in Gaza, where Hamas and Israel are also fighting. To understand how locals view the current conflict, we've solicited and collected articles from several Christians in Lebanon, Israel, and elsewhere. We've also brought together other recent stories on Arab Christians from around the Middle East.Adventists have a long tradition of living and working in Lebanon. There is much to understand and advocate for in this conflict. Reading Christianity Today's thoughtful articles provides a perspective that broadens the consequences of this conflict and leaves little room for Adventist silence. Or we just spend our time trying to figure out Daniel eleven again?

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