The Conference on the Contours of European Adventism (Day Three)

(jeremy) #22

george, there’s no chance that any of the changes you’re thinking of will ever happen…two GC presidents can only emerge if there’s a formal split in the church, which in turn means that the GC that did exist was deemed irrelevant…and with this as a backdrop, what are the chances that any dreamed up structure for either half of the split would last…

i think you need to face the fact that the GC under a TW presidency is all the leadership we have…taking his position away won’t leave you with an alternative more to your liking…it will leave you with nothing…

(Elmer Cupino) #23

And what primarily makes men comfortable “in the passenger’s seat” is a sense of comfort and confidence that his manhood is a result of his own making, not as a result of their power to subjugate someone else. George @GeorgeTichy knows all about this. He’s counseled a majority of these individuals in his clinical practice.

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