The Conscience of the State

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Pastor Charles Tapp’s sermon, delivered June 16, 2018 at Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church in Takoma Park, Maryland. It is reprinted here with permission.

This has been an interesting week. These are interesting times in which we live in our world, in our nation, in our country. As we come here together today, to commune at the Lord’s table I cannot ignore some 2,700 children that are being put away in our own concentration camps while their parents go through a process of documentation. That troubles me. What troubles me even more is that the church is quiet. It reminds me of a quote of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who said that the church must be reminded that it is neither the master nor the slave of the state, but rather the conscience of the state. We are to be the critic and never its tool. Then he ends by saying that if the church does not recapture its prophetic zeal, it will become an irrelevant social club.

Where are we church?

Are we content just to do church? Or, are we going to determine to be the church?

Jesus was killed because he was the head of the church. Let us not forget his first sermon. Luke 4. How he came to set the captives free. My prayer is that the church will wake up. When I say church, I’m talking about me, I’m talking about you.

Watch: Pastor Charles Tapp’s Sermon, June 16, 2018 (sermon begins at 47:10)

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For sake of discussion, Pastor Tapp, Why no outrage in 2014 when the first photos of this surfaced?


To be REALLY accurate there are TWO REASONS WHY Jesus HAD TO BE KILLED
A. To “save” the Jewish Religion.
B. To “save” the Jewish Nation.
“One man to die to save the status quo.” – the Pharisees, Saduccees.
For Jesus, Purity of Heart was NOT Purity of performing the over 600 Rules
and Regulations. For Jesus, what mattered was Purity of the Heart. Purity was
not exclusively or even primarily through obedience to the Torah, but the path
of dying to self and to the world. Jesus was concerned about Treasures on Earth,
lifestyle, family, status, possessions, piety [boasting of purity to self and others].
Perfection was being Compassionate as the Father in Heaven. Jesus called
to LOVE ONE"S ENEMIES – THIS to them meant the Romans.
Jesus was NOT CONCERNED about “Purity of the Land” – no Roman invaders
in the borders of Palestine.

Jesus saw the culture around Him was leading to a collision course with Rome.
[And they would lose against Rome with everything, including the Temple being
demolished, along with thousands being killed.]
Telling people to “do good” to the invaders – instead of carrying a soldier’s pack
just “one mile”, insist on carrying it “two”, WAS CONSIDERED TREASON by the
Jewish Authorities.
Jesus teachings destroyed the CASTE SYSTEM of Jewish Religious Society.

To have this MANY people at our borders REQUIRED MONEY.
WHO was Financing this Migration???
WHY were they Financing this Migration???
This problem at the Border REALLY BELONGS TO MEXICO,
NOT the United States.
Before it is through it will cost Tax-payers over Half a BILLION
Dollars to begin with.
Not to mention the long-term monies doled out later on to keep
them all here.


Who is to blame for this?

(Why the discussion of this again, I think this is the third thread. Children suffering is always a sight that gets liberals blood boiling, even if it is adults that are to blame.)

The “parents” are to blame. They are gaming the system. They are the ones using the children for pawns, not Trump. I am surprised and disgusted at the blatant hubris. We are undone.


Yes. 500 Billion dollars is nothing to sneeze at as far as costs for this fiasco.

The Gospel is why Jesus chose to die. Where do our priorities lie. To understand hate or to appreciate Love that passes all understanding.


“The three angels of Revelation 14
represent the people who accept the light of God’s messages and go forth as His agents to sound the warning throughout the length and breadth of the earth. Christ declares to His followers: “Ye are the light of the world.” Matthew 5:14
. To every soul that accepts Jesus the cross of Calvary speaks: “Behold the worth of the soul: ‘Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.’” Mark 16:15
. Nothing is to be permitted to hinder this work. It is the all-important work for time; it is to be far-reaching as eternity. The love that Jesus manifested for the souls of men in the sacrifice which He made for their redemption, will actuate all His followers
Christ accepts, oh, so gladly! every human agency that is surrendered to Him. He brings the human into union with the divine, that He may communicate to the world the mysteries of incarnate love. Talk it, pray it, sing it, fill the world with the message of His truth, and keep pressing on into the regions beyond.”

When you give up the mission as remnant SDA Christians you become social justice warriors for the god of the this very soon ending world. This is God’s counsel to the remnant to let nothing hinder this message. Our focus is to be on this most important message. The first, second, and third angels message.

Allen, you say that the parents are using their children for pawns–how do you know that? Or are you just buying into the propaganda put out by Trump?

And why should we not be enraged when we see children suffering, for no fault of their own? Given all the counsel from EGW about the importance of nurturing children, all the evidence that early childhood trauma can bring devastating consequences in later years, and given our own God-given instincts to protect our children, it’s ok with you that these kids be put in prison, separated from their parents–so as to teach their parents a lesson of some sort?

And, pray tell, what good does it do to place blame?

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When some people decide to defend an immoral/corrupt individual like Trump, there is probably not a single one strong enough argument that you can use to open their eyes and hearts. First thing they do it to say, “Oh, But Obama,” “Oh,But Clinton.” That’s their best defense to justify the corruption and atrocity of Trump’s actions. ’

How can we even have a decent dialogue with people like that, who will stand for a man like Trump no matter what?

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IOW, One error justify another error. This is the ultimate strategy to defend and support corruption and indecency. Many say, “Oh, but Bill Clinton…” Thus excusing the worst ever seen happening in the WH.

I don’t get it? Why do people support an individual like Trump to represent them? Is it because they like “grabbers” and liars? I thought Christians should do better than this, but unfortunately almost everything we learned in the past to be wrong and abnormal is being normalized just to accommodate Trump.

What changed people’s minds so radically?

Perhaps as much as to blindly accept evil, believing either party (or more specifically ones own chosen party) is incapable of it-or, if guilty, the end justified means.
AS far as leadership goes, ought we not judge the policy, and not the man, or the party?
Once we begin that, there’ll be no end to the sins we’ll discover/conjure/claim, particularily if we personally feel victimized. Once that happens, the leap to re-victimize others inevitable. To wit, from cakes, and flowers, to basic needs (like red hens).

perhaps the reason President Trump IS president can be explained by an examination of Daniel 2:21 ( i prefer the king james version). Our choices in 2016 were what they were, and the people in america chose not to have queen hillary.

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Yes, those Republican voters, REP = DEM - 3million, who elected Trump sure got who they wanted, and now they are getting what they deserve. The unfortunate thing is that those of us who wanted it differently are also getting the same :upside_down_face: mess. Hope 2020 comes fast!
Just my personal opinion.

Been meaning to ask @GeorgeTichy, let’s say instead of running for GC prez you went for POTUS and won yesterday, how would you handle the border situation?

So Pastor, you are saying that the government must operate on your understanding of children first? So you are attempting to interfere with the states role to create order by your personal faith? What happens when a father or mother in this country breaks the law? Are they separated from the children by child services if a single parent family?? Where is the outrage? The separation takes place because they entered the US illegally and not through a checkpoint. They are separated to determine who the people are and if they are the parents indeed…are cayote’s. That is law.
I would suggest instead of trying to disperse guilt on your flock and “the church” you recognize the proper role of separation of church and state. It works “both ways” by the way.