The Dangerous Sound of Silence

Hi, Ted: I used to tell my inquisitors, when they asked me if the S.D.A. Church was the Remnant Church, “Yes, because I am the Remnant.”

Hi Joe,

I like the subjective keep it simple approach. Insightful as always.

I may be passing your way in the not too distant future. I’ll reach out

I wonder why many choose to risk the trek to cross the southern border illegally.
I wonder why any Christian would support an illegal invasion in a modern world that has established nation boundaries and citizen application processes.
I wonder is today’s accusations of “supremacy” toward a certain people only wish for another supremacy of another certain people.
I wonder if “woke” is simply a way to cast a stone at another person or group of persons.
I wonder if “woke” means to not agree with a sovereign nations borders.
I wonder if an invasion approved by a politician can lead to a Constitutional crisis.
I wonder about politicians, public educators and media that speak dishonestly and in a pounding manner to sway peoples thinking. I wonder if Jesus would do the same.
I wonder if the mission of the SDA church is to focus more on politics rather than the three angels message of Revelation, given today’s political climate.

The answers to your questions are really simple to find, deep dive and avoid political thought. You seem to be overly concerned about those seeking freedom from their oppressive environments and lack of a future in their home countries.
The usage of your ‘woke’ question would also give a person who has thought, studied and listened to others the impression that you have not done the same.
Hopefully the SDA church will change its focus…onto the words of Christ about loving your neighbor as yourself! Careful reading, and not too difficult, will show that’s the message of Christ was about others and freedom for all.

Your comments are political and yet you seem to be finding fault with such.

The truth is out there, and has been, but some how covered up with human debris!


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