"The End of the World" or "The End of a World"?

None of this turmoil is about “green living”. It’s all a political ploy. True “green living” went by way of the horse and buggy. All the posturing about cleaning up the earth is political maneuvering, exchanging one form or pollution for another; and taking money from one pocket and putting it into the other. We all live under the same sky, and giving up gas guzzling cars in North America, while pollution billows into the skies over Beijing isn’t cleaning the atmosphere. We should focus world maps on the north pole where the continents merge into one glob of a land mass and see just how close the pollution of the “far east” touches the tundras of Canada. It might give us a better perspective of the world.

The truth is, those sun panels on roofs of California have a “use by date” after which they go into the ground to pollute the waters instead of the skies; and the plug-in cars end up running on power generated by fossil fuels anyway (unless we think all that electric power is just floating in the air somehow). We can’t power all the air conditioners in August, as it is, where is the power coming from that’s going to power the 5 PM traffic jams of the future?

Humanity is arrogant; and not until we have exhausted all the options, finding ourselves sick and starving on a dead planet, will we find “the end of the world,” spoken of in the Bible, a comforting hope.


Political ploy or not, electric vehicles are more efficient, quieter, cheaper to run, require less maintenance, are fun to drive with more instant torque, and since most will charge overnight when power use is lower they even out power demands and they are full every morning. And yes if you’re into green energy as the grid becomes cleaner the whole fleet of electric vehicles become greener. Like integral ideology, they transcend liberal/conservative polarization. Hard to beat.


You’re ignoring the fact that the world doesn’t have enough power from the power grid; plus the average person can’t afford an electric car, and replacement batteries are $20,000.00 when one breaks down. Lithium battery fires are impossible to put out, which is why GM and Tesla recommend not to charge them in your garage. What happens to trade-in value since junk yards don’t want them because of fire danger, as the entire bottom of the car is a lithium battery and will pollute where ever it gets dumped. Other than that, they are quiet.


Trade in value on electric cars just went way up with the increase in gas prices. In my area as most places in the US, there is excess grid capacity in the night. That is when most charging is done. The electric company in my city is actively encouraging electric vehicle adoption. The initial cost is more than comparable gas vehicles but lifetime cost is closer to comparable as charging costs much less than fueling and maintenance costs are lower. Plus the convenience is worth it. How much more would you pay for a gas car that had a full tank every morning? It isn’t true that Tesla recommends against charging in the garage. I’ve had my EV for 9 years and love it. Battery going strong!

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I guess it depends on income. the average household can’t afford an electric car.

There is the issue of trucking. If they’re serious about emissions they need to change from long haul trucking to using rails. A truck can’t stop every 200 miles to charge up, which takes how long??

Disposing of all those batteries will be an ecological nightmare. That’s kicking the can down the road.

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Batteries can be repurposed for stationary grid storage where capacity loss is not as big a deal (I’ve gone from 300 to 240 mile range and holding fairly steady). Or, Tesla says they can be recycled. Unlike with fossil fuels the elements in the battery are not burned up. They stay in the battery and can be reused.

Trucks will have larger batteries for even more range. I agree though. Rail for long distance and electric for final delivery seems best.


Can you imagine the streets of Delhi, India being filled with electric cars - right. So how is the air around the entire globe going get clean with a handful fat cats driving electric cars in Los Angeles.

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Won’t happen overnight but I think EVs will replace gas cars. They are better technology. Price will come down over time as with any tech. And just like with gas stations and gas cars the infrastructure will build up to meet demand.

I don’t see why this needs to be a polarizing issue. I see no need to disparage electric or gas vehicles. Get what makes sense for you.

We’ve gotten away from the topic of the initial post but it is related. Whether it is EVs, masks and vaccines, or any other polarized issue, it doesn’t have to be that way. I had valid reasons for purchasing an EV and I’ve been very happy with it. I also had valid reasons for buying a cheap old ICE van and I’ve been very happy with it as well.

I long for the day when we can appreciate different technologies, ideologies, developmental stages, political persuasions, religions, etc. for what good they each can bring into the world and help each to be the best at fulfilling the role it serves.


My power grid is working fine. Generally when a local grid is inadequate it gets upgraded. If electric cars increase the demand enough, power companies will respond. In any case, it’s best to charge your car at night when there is so much surplus in the grid that prices go way down - since air conditioners generally aren’t running and business and industry tends to be closed. California has so much surplus power at night during part of the year that it actually pumps water out of the California Aqueduct into the San Luis Reservoir each night and then releases it the next day to generate energy.

I think that’s a common misconception. See:

I was just reading the owner’s manual for my plug-in hybrid. In California, at least, the entire electric hybrid-drive system - including batteries - is warrantied for 150,000 miles or 15 years. So I don’t expect that to be much of an issue.

I don’t think anything will happen to trade in values. Trade in’s don’t go to junk yards. They’re sold to new owners.

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Well, sounds like the world’s going to be safe after all. In the meantime, I hear there’s expecting blackouts next month over the midwest. But that’s just farm land…

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Not according to Michael Moore’s Documentary “Planet for Humans”,

Just saying….

(Or is an SDA Website the wrong place to pitch a movie?!?!

It seems like it should be okay, though, cause it’s on YouTube-or at least that’s where I saw it-so one doesn’t have to go to one of those deplorable movie houses. Besides, it’s kinda “end of the world”, “we’re all doomed” “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” type stuff which is still a big topic for EGW fans, from what I read here in Spectrum…)


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Is it your understanding all the words that Ellen White and the authors of the Bible wrote were dictated by God and they in turn wrote it down word for word? i.e. the pen of God

If the Devil doesn’t come after you, you can’t be on the right side. :thinking:

Nor did Miller open up the mysteries of the kingdom of God. He preached fifteen time prophecies that were based on a confused mess of biblical numerology. He was consistent in his own methods. It’s just that he consistently distorted the Bible itself to arrive at his 1843-44 endpoints.

EGW and the early Adventists took one of the fifteen and reinterpreted it to settle their cognitive dissonance. None of them listened to what Jesus said plainly:

“No one knows the day nor the hour,” and, “It’s not for you to know the times or the seasons.”

Adventist eschatology with its timelines and Sunday law/time of trouble scenarios is still a way to try and pinpoint the times and the seasons. Again ignoring, “the son of man will come like a thief in the night…” and, “… always be ready because you don’t know the hour of the son of man’s appearing.”

Adventism does soft date setting. This article ignores all of this to try and salvage EGW’s eschatology. It doesn’t.



I’m not sure why you’re responding in this sort of way. It seems cynical and sarcastic.

Yes, I have heard that some sates have not adequately invested in their electrical generation capabilities.


The point is made in the last part of the article:

Now, I have a question and maybe @webEd can shed a light on it: Does Spectrum endorse everything this author writes in this magazine?

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Well, it may take awhile, but electric cars (and motorcycles and auto-rickshaws) seem to be taking off at a fast clip in India. It’s a good sign:

Bloomberg says that about 1/3 of the new vehicles sold in Intuit by 2030 will be electric.

It looks like Indians will purchase almost 1,000,000 new electric vehicles this year:

What, me sarcastic?

Look at it this way, we’re here on this site discussing, for the most part, everything as it relates to the one thing that has brought us here - some connection to Adventism, for which, the “end of the world” is, like the major issue - that’s how it al began. Biblically, that topic has a countdown to all these calamities - floods, earthquakes, famines, pestilence, men running “for fear of what’s coming” (basically a rundown of the nightly news); and we are here saying electric cars are going to solve the problem. I think that’s funny.


I wonder if there are no options but electric vehicles only, if that will allow governments to have more control over the average human. Such as, cannot afford personal vehicles or cannot afford to burn the fossil fuels for all to have their own freedom and are required to use public transportation only. I wonder if this could be a power and control focus. Options means freedom.
I wonder now, if freedoms lost lend an avenue to civil upset which could lead to the end of the world.

I wonder what the cost will be to recycle the batteries. Cost in pollution of course, since money is no object. :wink:

And farming? What is the cost for meeting the power needs for pulling heavy equipment?

Oh, but isn’t that just fly-over country? I wonder if they matter to the coastal elites, unless they get hungry.

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Quite a twist though isn’t it?

I have not wondered which side I am on. Is there a side?
I wonder if all of mankind is given a gift of life for an experience and a gift of eternal life if we want it. Might that perceived as a side?