The False Security of Certainty

It is our experience that life is temporary. Plants and animals die. In your construct Satan is responsible for sin, and consequently for death. If Christ had not been crucified, are you suggesting that theoretically He could have survived, barring other unfortunate events, to a ripe old age and you could think of Satan as responsible for this type of death as well? And Jesus could still be credited with laying aside His divinity to die as a human? (This sounds like a plot idea for a new Gnostic Gospel. :slight_smile: )

Try Hebrews 14. Normally Hebrews isn’t considered apocalyptic, but 14 starts getting a little obscure, which is why most people skip the chapter. :smiley:


Jesus said several times that he came specifically to die. There were multiple attempts on Jesus’ life during his stay here. I don’t think there was any question about if but only about when and how.

How could God know this without being the one making it happen? Can anyone frustrate his will?

if He came to die could anyone keep him from it?

I think God knew the hatred of Satan, and knew the lengths to which he would go. As I noted, Satan may not have even known how far he would go. But God did.

In several instances during Jesus life, he was threatened with death but escaped miraculously. Why? Because his mission was not yet done. Even the week before the crucifixion he was nearly killed. But he was spared.

The animosity between sin and righteousness was such that Jesus would die. It only remained to determine when.

The False Security of Certainty?

I just read a very interesting and well written article that everyone should read, especially those faithful conservatives who are so zealous about the purity of their truth and talk so boldly about the pillars of spiritual life. Read it right here:


I would like to think you meant “THE PERCEPTION of a violent …”

By the way, I find your posts quite informative and a light into your own soul, the workings of your mind; and wonder why Spectrum, for all its much vaunted boasts about “independent journalism”, would silence your voice. Does anyone listen anymore to the pot that puts down the kettle’s bottom?


I don’t deny your right to follow or believe your conscience, although conscience is not always a reliable guide. Therefore I am not sinning by taking the position I do.

What I firmly disagree with is that not doing WO rises to the level of the Sanhedrin’s actions against Jesus. As I said, you can see this as a moral issue, but to compare it with the Sanhedrin’s actions show that you really understand neither. Off the rails.

While God could have sent the dream to Pilate directly he actually did so with his wife instead.


Yet indeed he constantly feels compelled to do so…hmmm

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I find it interesting that God did that. Why do you think he did, instead of sending it to Pilate himself? A WO issue perhaps?

Neither the Bible nor SOP give any explanation for her having received the vision instead of Pilate or anyone else for that matter.

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