The Family of North America — NAD Year-end Meetings Day 4

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Have you seen the document? Are copies leaking out already?

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what i’m getting at is that prestol-puesan may have been sent to NAD’s YEM, not to contribute to NAD’s interests because he’s familiar with them, as you suggest, but to secure the GC’s interests…more than others, he’d be sensitive to what a drop in NAD’s tithe percentage to the GC could mean…personally, i think sending the GC treasurer to NAD’s YEM pretty much spells out this intent and motive…

whatever it contains, i think it’s what was just approved by a whopping 78.6% margin…it will be delivered to annual council 2019, the final fall council before indianapolis 2020…

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My brothers
You must be objective in what is the procedure of journalism you must give a report of those who are for and against
but putting only one side of the coin is not professional
Christian love

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Battle Creek gave one side. NAD gave the other. Most bloggers so far have sided with NAD. They have gone far more than the second mile since SA.

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TW opened a pandora box. Reformation started with Martin Luther, but it did not die with him…

I think it would be necessary for NAD to act in solidarity and shield their leaders from any victimisation.

The " non-compliance" can potentially lead to self-determination…and I think all options are open…It is a real gunboat diplomacy which I think has no place in this century…

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On Spectrum you can always read both sides of the issues. Including this one. There are plenty of articles and essays on both sides of this issue, just read them.

And comments are allowed also from both sides, freely. There is no coercion or punishment for disagreements, as long as they are not “ad hominem.”

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